Jennifer Cazares | Kitchen Designer | Dean Cabinetry

By Jenny Cazares

Does Dean Cabinetry allow guest blogs?

Yes, we do allow guest bloggers. We are contacted frequently by bloggers looking to guest post. We are happy to review any blogs that are relevant to our business, and the process we follow.

Does Dean Cabinetry give credit to the author of the blog?

Yes, we do give credit to the author. You may also include a link to your business.

What is the process for a Dean Cabinetry guest blog?

Bloggers will submit a blog that is relevant to a new kitchen remodel or any kitchen related questions that customers would ask. We focus only on kitchen remodels or new construction kitchens. We are a kitchen cabinet provider.

If you need a title to write about, just ask and we will provide one for you.

We follow these rules from Why Do We Write Blogs? We follow the marketing strategy outlined in Marcus Sheridan’s book, They Ask, You Answer.

This blog gives you the perfect outline for asking questions and answering them.

If anyone is interested in posting a blog with our company, they should read over these  articles to better understand our process before submitting. 

How many words does my blog need to be?

We prefer that all guest blogs be between 500-800 words, nothing longer.

Yes, as long as they are relevant to the blog and what we do at Dean Cabinetry. We will look at the links and any reviews. We take these into account when determining if the  links will stay, if we will replace them, or remove them altogether.


What format does Dean Cabinetry need for my blog?

Blogs must be in an “editable, google doc format.” 

Who do I send my blog to?

Please send your blog to We will respond promptly that we received it.

Who will edit my blog?

Someone on our Discovery team will edit your blog. If there is anything that is not irrelevant to our business, we will remove it, including any links and photos.

We prefer to add our own photos and links, if needed.

Will I receive the edited version of my blog?

Dean Cabinetry will email you the edited version. Once we have edited it, no changes will be made. If you would like us to post it, let us know, and we will.

How long does it take to have my blog posted?

Once your blog is reviewed, edited, and ready to post, we will hold that blog for our marketing department to post on our website.

They post two blogs each week. Your blog could be posted within 2-4 weeks, depending on how many blogs we have waiting to post.

Can I guest blog again?

Yes, you may submit a blog whenever you like. We appreciate guest bloggers; we always look forward to reading your work and posting new blogs!