Designing a Pet-Friendly Kitchen: Tips and Ideas

By: Emila Smith

How Do I Design a Pet-Friendly Kitchen?

At Dean Cabinetry we understand the importance of making our pets feel like they are a welcome part of your family. 

Everyday, our much-loved family dog Oakley, is here to greet clients and follow John Dean everywhere (literally)!

Oakley~Our official greeter & John Dean

We love it when our clients ask us for ideas on how to create special spaces in their kitchen for their pets. We also love when we receive photos of our client’s pets!

Looking to make a space for your pet in your kitchen? 

If you have a dog (or a cat), it is likely they spend a lot of time with you in the kitchen, usually waiting for a small morsel to drop to the floor. Afterall, they are the clean-up crew!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where everyone comes together. It’s important to consider your pets needs when designing your dream kitchen; they are part of your family.

Here are some ideas for creating a pet-friendly kitchen that includes spaces for your pets, without sacrificing style.

How can I make a space for my pet within my kitchen cabinetry? 

Include open cabinetry in your design and insert a dog bed. You can D.I.Y. and make a dog cover to match your curtains or area pillows. 

Lower cabinets sometimes have wasted space. We often don’t like bending down to retrieve items in those base cabinets. Why not transform one of these spaces into acozy nook for your pet to rest?

Window nook seating, or under a bench seat, are great spaces to stash a dog bed. 

Cozy built-in dog bed-by Houzz

Can I add a dog bed in my kitchen island?

This would be a great space to include a dog bed; you could leave the end cabinet open and create a nice resting spot for your pet.

Create a private space where they can relax. This allows your pet to spend time with the family, without getting under anyone’s feet.

Where should I store my pet’s food bowls?

Many pet owners know how easy it can be to trip over your pet while cooking. 

This is why it’s important to create a safe space for your pet to eat meals. Have a designated feeding station, so your pet can enjoy meals out of harm’s way.

Work with your cabinet partner to design a built-in shelf at the end of your island to house your pet’s food bowls.

This is a great solution and is relatively easy to keep clean.

Pet bowls & drawers for storage Thrifty Decor Chick

Where should I store pet supplies?

Kitchens can quickly become cluttered spaces. When pets bring in their own toys to play with, it creates even more clutter! 

Some cabinet providers offer no cost cabinet designs. They will utilize your kitchen spaces to make them as functional and organized as possible. 

Pull-out drawers and bins are a great option for storing bulk pet food and treats.

Don’t forget to design a cubby with easy access for your pet, so they can enjoy all of their favorite toys!

What is the best kitchen flooring for my pet?

Dogs and cats spend most of the day on the floor and sometimes they may have accidents. It’s vital to choose the right flooring. 

While some hardwood flooring is more resistant to scratches, overtime they can begin to show wear from pet’s claws and daily traffic. 

Ceramic tile is a good option, it is easy to clean, scratch resistant, and durable. However, If the grout is not properly sealed, our pet’s accidents could absorb into the grout and make it harder to clean and remove odors. 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent option for pets; it’s extremely durable, very scratch resistant, and waterproof. It is available in a large variety of colors and styles, even mimicking hardwood.

No matter what style of floor you have, it’s sensible to invest in a silicone dog mat, and/or cat litter mat, to spare your floor from any spills.

How can I make my pet-friendly kitchen comfortable for my pet?

The kitchen should bring comfort to friends and family, why not for our pets too?

Add a cozy rug with a non-slip grip on the underside. Just make sure it’s washable.

When selecting a bed for your pet, make sure the foam padding and fabric you select is warm, comfortable, and sufficient for the size of your pet.

If you gate your pet in the kitchen while you are out; leave soft music playing for them, and dim the lighting, so they can rest easily and not feel alone.

Should I install a pet gate?

The kitchen is sometimes the best space for homeowners to keep their pet secure while they are out of the home or just during meal times.

Today, pet gates no longer have to be eyesores. These gates are available in a variety of styles and finishes, including warm woods, and finishes, to match your cabinetry.

Your cabinet provider may have options for a slide-in gate. It can conveniently be hidden inside a cabinet when not in use.

Pull-out pet gate-Pinterest

I hope that this blog has given you some great ideas for creating a unique, yet cohesive pet-friendly kitchen. One that you and your pets will enjoy together for years to come!