Decorating Your Kitchen for the Holidays in 2021: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazarez| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

How do I decorate my kitchen for the Holidays?

Now that we are getting back to our normal lives, we are looking forward to decorating our home and entertaining our family and friends!

How can I decorate my island?

The island is one of the main focal points in your kitchen, acting as both a workspace and a place for friends and family to gather.

If it’s your main workspace, it’s best to add decorations that don’t take up too much room. A candle centerpiece is an example of a simple, yet beautiful touch that will add some holiday cheer. 

If you have a larger island with seating and would like to go all out, add a decorative runner and garland with mini LED lights. LED lights will also look pretty wrapped around a larger centerpiece that incorporates candles.

DIY centerpieces – Pinterest

Can I decorate my island bar stools?

Decorate your bar stools and dining chairs using holiday ribbon wrapped around the back of the chair with a bow, like a present.

You can hang decorative wreaths on the back of the chairs with ribbon, or removable hooks, to dress them up for a party, or every day during the holidays!

How can I decorate my dining room table for the holidays?

Choose a long holiday runner that can span the center of your table. You can choose a simple runner in your accent color, or go all out with a runner that has the standard holiday green and red!

You can then add your centerpiece, which will be the main focal point of your table. I, personally, love adding mini LED lights to highlight your centerpiece and holiday decorations. They are battery-operated, and you can turn them on when you want to use them. 

Place ribbons around each place setting for a beautiful final touch!

How should I decorate my light fixture over my table?

If you have a hanging light fixture that will allow room to add greenery or garland, this would be a lovely accent over your dining table. 

If you don’t have a hanging light fixture that will work; you could get really creative and hang a tree branch from the ceiling, then decorate with mini LED lights.

Crackled glass ornament balls and sparkle decorations with ribbon “dripping” down in layers, is a beautiful visual effect. 

Match your fixture decorations with your centerpiece and create an elegant, yet cozy holiday space that your family and friends will love!

You can easily DIY and create this look.

Can I decorate my hood?

Whether you have a wood hood, a cabinet over your hood, or a stainless steel hood, you might have space to add a beautiful wreath or garland. You can hang your decorations with ribbon or removable hooks, to not damage your hood.

I would keep this simple, and make sure that nothing is hanging too low that could potentially catch fire while cooking with your stove.

Can I decorate my kitchen window?

All you need is a decorative garland around your window, with or without lighting. You can add glass ornaments with ribbons hanging down in front of the window.

If you have a shelf below your window, above your sink, this would make a nice place to add additional holiday decorations for display.

Can I decorate on a budget?

You can absolutely decorate on a budget! First, gather your inspirational photos for the design and color scheme you’d like to create. Then, visit your local craft and fabric stores. You should be able to find comparable products that you can easily replicate at home, all on a budget. 

All you need is a glue gun, patience, and a bit of creativity!

Each year you can reuse these items and update them the next year, with new colors as you change your design! 

I hope this has given you some fun and gorgeous ideas for decorating your kitchen to enjoy with holiday guests. Season’s Greetings!