Author: Emila Smith

Where do I start in creating a modern kitchen?

Your kitchen is the most functional room in your house. It is a room of endless potential, which is also why a redesign can be a daunting process.

We have broken down the process into a few core items to help you more simply navigate what you need to do to create your dream modern kitchen. 

Photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

How do I create the right layout?

Your layout may be partially determined by your existing appliance locations, walls, windows, and door openings. Think about how you cook and store things in your kitchen. Think about how you enter the kitchen and how you’d like to entertain.

What if I have a galley kitchen?

Galley kitchens tend to be more narrow, have a wonderful ergonomic design, and linear simplicity. 

Use all the space you have to make your galley kitchen design both stylish and functional. This includes utilizing the space above kitchen cabinets and considering second tier wall cabinets or wood shelves.

Keep your cabinets and appliances simple and flush, utilizing all your available space while keeping a sleek modern appeal.

What if I have an open concept kitchen?

Open concept kitchens offer a significant amount of area with which to design your kitchen, and allow you to get very creative.

Open kitchen designs typically join a family room and/or a dining room together with the kitchen. They also usually feature a large island or peninsula, giving a visual separation between the spaces.

The island or peninsula can be the center gathering area. Use a contrasting finish for this cabinetry, and a large modern chandelier over the island, and you will have a lovely focal point.

Modern open concept with dramatic Crown Atlas Lighting

What if I have a “U” or “L” shaped kitchen?

U-shape and L-shape kitchens remain timeless classics for the ultimate efficiency that both layouts provide.

The sink, island, and refrigerator are all within easy reach of one another, which is an attractive option for those who prioritize convenience. 

L-shape layouts are especially recommended for smaller kitchens; where there may not be room for opposing walls of cabinetry or an island.

Keep your modern kitchen design simple, with clean lines, and pull the focus on your hood, peninsula, or island.

U shaped kitchen design-Pinterest

What cabinet storage options do I have?

When deciding where and how to store your kitchen appliances, the solution depends on how you use your kitchen. 

For example, those who prefer to chat with guests as they prepare food may prefer  adding an island with seating, with cabinetry below for storage.

If your kitchen is prone to clutter, deep drawers and full-length cupboards are a sleeker and more practical alternative to traditional shelving. Look for modern kitchen shelving ideas to utilize space while maintaining a clean, polished look.

Shelving ideas-Pinterest

Consider how you move around your kitchen and implement key elements accordingly. A mounted rack for storing pots and pans, as opposed to traditional storage, can save space and look very stylish!

How do I choose modern cabinets and countertops?

The kitchen cabinets and counters are what most people see first, so make them the star of the show. Consider painted cabinets with a dark finish, and combine different materials for your counters such as white quartz, butcher block, or polished concrete, to make them “pop”.

Darker paints or stains will warm up the stainless steel appliances often present in modern kitchens. 

Alternatively, blonde wood brings warmth and an industrial edge to any kitchen. This light wood compliments stainless steel beautifully and brings natural balance to the darker elements. Introducing blonde wood is a great way to make a small kitchen look larger.

If you want to make your cabinets the center of attention, consider a bold, vibrant color. Colors such as teal, burnt orange, and emerald green will inject personality into your space, while still keeping a modern aesthetic.

Smooth surfaces such as quartz remain popular for a luxury finish and an easy, wipe-clean maintenance. 

Modern light fixtures faucets, and kitchen hardware will be the staple in achieving your new modern kitchen design. Search on Pinterest for more design ideas.

Consider pricing your new cabinets for your project first, then select your countertops and accessories that fit your budget.

What kind of cabinet hardware should I choose?

For a modern look, choose simple designs. Larger pulls on cabinet doors and drawers will give your kitchen a more modern feel.

Your cabinet hardware professionals will show you a variety of pulls and knobs that will work well with the design you choose.

Modern kitchen hardware-Pinterest

What kind of lighting should I choose?

A contemporary lighting scheme will transform your kitchen. If your budget allows, opt for several different lighting styles. Try combinations of general, ambient, and decorative lighting.

Choose an eye-catching, contemporary centerpiece light over your island or peninsula.

Bon Air Island Chandelier-Pinterest

A modern-day chandelier will give your kitchen a unique living room appeal.

Use dimmable lighting as an option for creating a warm space; it complements the  minimalist modern kitchen beautifully and offers a range of ambient lighting options depending on the occasion. 

Modern track dimmable lighting- Photo Sidekix Media on Unsplash

A more complex kitchen may require more layers of light. Track lighting is a stylish way to illuminate areas such as a breakfast bar or kitchen island. You can add under cabinet dimmable lighting to showcase your beautiful countertops. 

As humans we subconsciously gravitate toward the light. An inviting glow beneath the counter may encourage guests to pull up a seat, while showcasing your modern style.

What appliances will work best in my modern kitchen?

Choosing the right appliances for a modern kitchen is important. Many modern kitchens will have a built-in double oven or microwave/oven combination that is convenient and sleek.

A cooktop is a nice, clean design. To create a modern kitchen you may want to keep the countertops free of appliances and clutter, keeping the minimalist appeal.

A single or double-door refrigerator design should be simple. Purchasing a refrigerator that is flush with your cabinet will create an even more modern and sleek design. 

If your budget allows, upgrade to smart appliances. They have sophisticated  capabilities allowing you food management functions that will help in your day to day life. One such feature is being able to use your smartphone to start preheating your oven before you get home. Features such as this will allow you to get your dinner on the table more quickly than ever.  

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

If you’re still pondering how to create a modern kitchen, look to trends for inspiration. 

In 2021, this year is all about minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Walk-in pantries and drawer microwaves save space and add a modern touch. Modern kitchen colors are still dominated by moody shades of charcoal gray, blues, and greens. Those who want a more subtle vibe could look to earthy, neutral wood tones, they are set to dominate in 2022.