Achieving a Farmhouse Look in Your Kitchen: Tips and Inspiration

Jenny Cazares| Dean Cabinetry     Leah Dean | Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares & Leah Dean

The beautiful look of classic farmhouse décor is on the rise. It is no wonder we are seeing this look created in kitchens across America. 

How do I Choose the Right Farmhouse Style Cabinetry for my Home?

In the age of sleek and modern, it is only natural to see the upsurge of the opposite: rustic, charming, or as we often hear “shabby chic”. Farmhouse chic is a cozy way to bring the farm town life into your very own home. It features creamy whites, blues, greens, and weathered patinas. 

Farmhouse style is a classic, yet simple design. Customers will often incorporate an accent color to their farmhouse design or will blend them together. This is a beautiful design option as seen in the photo below. It mixes cream painted cabinets with a blue painted island. These lend themselves to a look that turns a house into an inviting home. The photo below shows a John Dean Custom Cabinetry kitchen that exemplifies a beautiful farmhouse look. With the decorative base moldings, these kitchen cabinets look and feel like furniture, creating a very cozy, country home feeling.

John Dean Custom Cabinetry, Inset Cabinets, Farmhouse Style

What are Features of the Farmhouse Style Cabinets?

White paint, in particular, is the most common finish for farmhouse style kitchen cabinets. Sometimes the cabinets will have a light, brushed glaze added to the entire finish. This creates a very delicate additional detail. When added to the crevices or indentations of the cabinet, the glaze may create a very bold look. Depending on the technique used, this will add a shade of color that may be only slightly noticeable, or when applied to the crevices, may be very noticeable. 

Some cabinets feature a weathered appearance that gives the impression of age. It also adds style without compromising a look of quality. Cast iron-like hardware completes the design by adding a bit of old-world flair. The addition of the reinforced glass cabinet doors interspersed between the design, opens up space and balances the cabinet doors’ solidness, creating beauty and openness. The example below shows the versatility of this design.

John Dean Custom Cabinetry- Reinforced Glass Doors

How Can I add an Industrial feel to my Farmhouse Kitchen?

A combination of wood and metal can create a beautiful industrial feel in your farmhouse aesthetic. It pairs simplistic lines and accents with black metal hardware. The kitchen below features two weathered islands mixed with blue/gray painted cabinets, a stone countertop, a stainless steel hood, and modern fixtures. With changes in fixtures and hardware, you can create a more or less industrial look. If you don’t like the heaviness of these fixtures, you can create a different mood with fixtures that are more light and airy.   

Pinterest-Industrial Farmhouse
Pinterest-Softer Glass Fixtures

Can I Mix a Farmhouse Style with Modern Elements?

Many homeowners love the look of mixing an old farmhouse style with modern elements. It is possible to create a more modern feel by including certain accessories. These elements may include; cabinet hardware, a certain sink style, countertops, hoods, and lighting features. If pulled together nicely, this look is not only beautiful, but timeless. 

This style has been very popular with customers building new construction with its modern appeal. By mixing these styles together it warms the space and offers a more inviting feel. Your kitchen designer may be able to help with some of these features. If you feel you need additional guidance we recommend meeting with a designer to help you make the right selection.

Below are a few examples of how mixing farmhouse and modern elements can create a style all your own!

Dean Cabinetry-Farmhouse & Modern Design; Fabuwood Stock Cabinetry
Pinterest-Modern Farmhouse

Should I Find Inspirational Photos That Show the Farmhouse Look I am Trying to Create?

PinterestGoogle Images, and Houzz can be valuable resources to help you find images of the farmhouse look and feel you are trying to create. We recommend customers finding and saving a few inspirational photos prior to their meeting with their cabinet designer. These will give your designer a good feel for the look you are trying to achieve, and will help them to better understand your style. Once your designer meets with you, sees your inspirational photos, and understands your space, they will be able to create something truly unique for you and your home. 

Your choice in kitchen cabinetry plays a major role in achieving your desired farmhouse feel and in creating a cohesive look. Your choices of finishes can make a design work or clash, so it is important to choose finishes and styles that will work well together. Try to strike a balance to ensure an aesthetically pleasing final look, that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.