Creating a Cozy Nook in Your Kitchen: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

Creating a warm, cozy nook in your kitchen that is inviting to family and friends is relatively simple to achieve. 

We’re spending an increasing amount of time at home, and we’re excited at the possibilities of welcoming our friends and loved ones into our home and making memories together!

This blog will give you some great ideas for your space, whether big or small. You can create a special area for you and your guests to relax, while entertaining, or just enjoying a morning coffee.

Can I create a nook with an island?

If you have an open floor plan where your kitchen faces your dining room, family or living area, you can build a custom island with bench seating.

The island traditionally was created for extra storage and a place to prepare food. By adding a larger countertop overhang, seating was incorporated…so why not go big, if you have the space?

Collaborate with a kitchen designer and discuss options to incorporate a nook; this will give you additional seating for entertaining and warm the look in your large, open floor plan.

If you have the space, extend the countertops and cabinetry for additional storage that is convenient and creates a lovely look.

Sliding a table into the space will allow you flexibility down the road. You’ll be able to easily update your look if you choose to.

A large, beautiful lighting fixture brings focus to your nook and enhances the space. I recommend using a dimmer; when you entertain, you can adjust the lighting and create the mood you like for your guests.

Don’t forget cozy seating; by adding cushions, you can easily change the style as the seasons change.

This is a modern kitchen nook space where the kids, grandkids, family, and friends will be drawn to!

Large Island Nook-Pinterest

How do I create a nook in a corner?

Do you have a kitchen where you have blank wall space in the corner and a window, but not sure what to put there?

The corner nook is still a popular design option; we remember these from when we were kids at our grandparent’s home.

Seating used to be created with a wooden bench, but by adding small couches and small pieces of furniture, you can create a more modern nook.

Modern Corner Nook-Pinterest

The traditional bench seating is a beautiful option; wrap the bench seating around your wall space and under any windows.

Use a variety of fun throw pillows to blend your nook with the rest of the living area. Add decorative shelves and artwork to enhance your space.

Look for small chairs, side tables, and lamps that you can easily move if needed while entertaining.

A nice throw rug in your nook will create a warm, inviting space. This area is very versatile, as you can update your style and colors as your tastes change.

Casual corner nook-Pinterest

What if I have a very small space to make a nook?

Even if you have only a small space to work with (2-4 feet) you can easily add bench seating (with or without cabinetry below for storage) and then add a small table and chairs.

Select items that can easily be moved to another area if you need more space.

Add a pop of color, so your cozy nook stands out. No matter how small a space you have, you can still create a useful and delightful spot to have your morning coffee or tea!

Small Nook Space-Pinterest

What if I have a baseboard heating or a radiator in my nook space?

This doesn’t have to be a dilemma. You can create a nice nook space with open bench seating, so the radiant heat can adequately warm the room.

Your heat should work fine, as long as it can easily pass through your nook space. It is always a good idea, though, to consult an HVAC specialist. 

Open Bench Seating- Pinterest

You can also build bench seating to hide your radiators by adding decorative screening, so the heat can pass through.

This is a simple project you can do yourself if you have the right tools. You can construct simple bench box seating, in any size, and cut out the space to insert your decorative screening. 

Paint your screen to match your bench seating to make everything blend. You can keep this a simple “shaker” style box seating or add molding to dress the seating up.

Add a nice cushion and decorative throw pillows, and you have successfully hidden the radiator, and created more seating space, for a lovely cozy nook.

Bench Seating with Screen to cover radiators-Pinterest DIY

I hope these ideas have inspired you to make the best use of an area in your kitchen that could be turned into your new, cozy nook. 

Get creative and have fun; your space will reflect your style and the atmosphere you are after to attract others, so they will sit, stay awhile, and enjoy your beautiful new space!

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