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Author: Leah Dean
Dean Cabinetry’s 6-Step Process | Kitchen Cabinet Projects

Our preferred method of communication is email.  We feel email is the most professional way for us to communicate as well as track our communication.

Texting and phone calls can be lost or forgotten. Please help us, help you, and email us whenever possible.

How will we communicate with you?

When you reach out to us at Dean Cabinetry, our complete focus is on you, our client. You are trusting in our team to help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen. 

We understand that a kitchen renovation can be overwhelming, consuming your time, and your resources. In order to best guide you, we have created a 6-step process. 

Our goal is to be “Your Kitchen Cabinet Partners From Start to Finish”. Utilizing our 6-step process, our Dean Cabinetry team will guide you through each step, smoothly and seamlessly. 

Dean Cabinetry Kitchen Project Process Planning

What is first?

The first step begins with a Discovery phone call. We want to begin to understand your project, and you want to begin to determine if we are the best cabinet partner for you. We ask questions that will help us understand your space, your timeline, and what you are looking to accomplish with your kitchen renovation.

Communication is essential during each step of our process. In order to provide the highest efficiency, the best “mode” of communication shifts, as you move from one step to the next.

During Discovery, phone calls, emails, and texts are important. We are just beginning our communications with you, and our Discovery team uses texting frequently to ensure you receive our initial emails (which sometimes go to spam). 

Dean Cabinetry Kitchen Project Process White Cabinetry

What about communication during Budget and Design?

Once your project moves to Budget (and then to Design), you’ll receive more communications through emails and phone calls, and less from texting. At this point, you’ve been partnered with your designer and written communication is important as there is essential information to relay. Your designer is keeping in close contact with you as they provide budgets, designs, and layouts that reflect the discussions you’ve had from the start of your process. 

As the design phase is wrapping up and your kitchen plans are finalized, your project moves to Ordering. During Ordering and Install, communication is primarily through email, and occasionally by phone. During these steps there are more Dean team members who are involved, and many details need to be documented. Written communication via email is helpful as it provides a “paper trail”, helping the team to see notes, details, questions, answers, dates, and any changes along the way. 

For consistency and efficiency in our process and workflow, we appreciate our clients being willing to work within our process as their project progresses. If a phone call is needed, please be ready to leave your designer a voicemail (which also goes to their email) and they will return your call as soon as possible. 

Know that we are working tirelessly to ensure your kitchen will be just what you’ve been dreaming it will be. Remember that email is our preferred method of communication.

Thank you, we look forward to being “Your Kitchen Cabinet Partners From Start to Finish!