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Author: Norine Farrell & Leah Dean

Once you have committed to Dean Cabinetry as your cabinet provider, your designer will move you from “Budget” to “Design”, the third step of our six step process. This is also the time when your designer will schedule a visit to your home to take your kitchen measurements. 

Kitchen Layout Sketch with Measurements

During this step, you and your designer will spend time collaborating on the perfect layout for your kitchen. You will discuss your appliance locations, and whether you want drawers or base cabinets. Also, if there are certain accessories you’d like, and any other design details essential to your kitchen.

Your designer already has a good feel for your space. This makes it so the time at your home will be spent in the most efficient manner. You can help the appointment be as productive as possible with a little forethought and preparation.

Clean Kitchen

First, tidying up your kitchen will help tremendously. This includes removing any obstacles the designer may need to work around for accurate measurements. While this seems obvious, it’s still good to stop and take a look around your kitchen. Are there objects that sit on your countertop that may hinder someone with a tape measure or laser device?

Clean Space for Kitchen Measurements
Pet-Free Kitchen

Second, plan on settling your pet in another room, if possible, to avoid upsetting the animal and the appointment. This temporary choice will help clear the way for accurate movement for the kitchen measurements through your space. This will avoid tripping or looking out for where the little kitty is now while working. 

On that same note, if Fido’s bed or water bowl sits in the way, these can be relocated as well.

Hold Questions

Be sure to have any questions ready for the designer, but hold your questions while they document the correct kitchen measurements and takes notes. There will be time for some discussion before your designer leaves. You wouldn’t want walls to be measured incorrectly while you chat about the cabinet door details. 

Kitchen Measurements
Designer Expertise

Finally, as the homeowner, you are trusting the experienced professional to gather the information needed for proper installation of your cabinetry. By measuring for and installing your cabinetry, they are also accepting responsibility and liability if there is a problem with the final layout dimensions, or cabinet fit. This is the designer’s area of expertise in which you can trust. 

Trusting every step of your cabinet provider’s process is key to a smooth and successful kitchen project!