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By Kevin Dean

We wanted to write this blog to talk about our hiring process at Dean Cabinetry and how to pursue a position with Dean Cabinetry.

Dean Cabinetry Shop and Showroom | Bolton, CT

A Sense of Who We Are

At Dean Cabinetry, our mission is to be your kitchen cabinet partners from start to finish, through best value & service, creating results our clients love, while guaranteeing health & well-being for our employees.

  • We work hard.
  • We are a family business.
  • We have a great, fun culture.
  • We help people build the heart of their homes.

At our daily morning meeting we take turns sharing something we are grateful for.  

Jodi Pelloni, Cabinet Finisher

For instance, the other day our Cabinet Finisher Jodi said: “I am grateful for coming to work each day and seeing all of your smiling faces.”

Our Beliefs About People

We really and truly believe the following:

Our employees are the most important part of Dean Cabinetry. Their personal and professional growth is what drives our company forward.  Our people and our unique culture are what make us different. So it is each of you that make our business exceptional. You bring our products and services to life and give us an edge over our competitors.

We believe the people we want to hire will self select into our organization.  Meaning that they WANT to be here, and we want them here. And the people who aren’t a great fit will understand that and naturally weed themselves out of the process. In addition, we’re looking for people who are a GREAT fit for our organization. Self selection is very important to us.

Like we mentioned, we’re looking for people who are a GREAT fit for our organization.  We are only allowing ourselves to hire people who are better than previous hires. The bar is set very high.  We will be interviewing 40 people for each position, if not more.

It is important to us that our employees LOVE what they do.  That they enjoy coming to work and enjoy helping customers. We are really looking for lifetime employees.

If you think you could be a lifetime employee, that you could love working here please follow the steps below.  You must also be very humble and curious.

Dean Cabinetry Team Photo

These are the available roles at Dean Cabinetry (subject to change):

  • Designer
  • Shop Manager
  • Cabinet Producer
  • Cabinet Finisher
  • Cabinet Assembler
  • Cabinet Installer (contracted)
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Shop Assistant
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Bookkeeper

Our Hiring Process

We often receive calls from people looking for a position at Dean Cabinetry. If you are interested in a position, please read the following.

We are a growing company looking for people with specific characteristics.  Those characteristics are:

  • Humble and curious.
  • Punctual and dependable
  • Capable of the role
Leah & Lauren, Dean Cabinetry Kitchen Designers
  1. Video Resume
    1. Email us a 2-3 minute video resume. This is the best way for us to get to know you.
      1. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/jqEvb5IG1LI
      2. This is not meant to be stressful.  Relax and be yourself. We will not share this video. We will be the only viewers. Do not worry about camera quality.
      3. Please email your video to hello@deancabinetry.com
    2. If you submit a video resume we will be more than happy to set up an interview with you. However, we are unwilling to set up an interview without a video resume.
    3. Why do we ask for a video resume? We do this because it is uncomfortable. Our time is valuable. So we want to see that someone is willing to invest their time in us before we set up an interview with them.
  2. First Interview
    1. The first interview will take about 20 minutes.  It involves many preliminary questions to get a sense of your character and experience.  We are looking for the qualities of humility and curiosity. Please ask questions and listen well.
    2. Please follow up with us after the first interview.  We ask that the candidate follow up with us to set up the second interview.
  3. Second Interview
    1. The second interview will take about 40 minutes. You will be interviewed by the company owners, John and Leah. It involves more advanced questions to get a sense of your experience and ability to work with a team. Please ask questions and listen well.
    2. Please follow up with us after the second interview. We ask that the candidate follow up with us to set up the third interview.
  4. Third Interview
    1. The third interview will take about 1 hour. You will be taken out to lunch by our most experienced employees. It is a casual environment to get a sense of who we are and if you will blend well with our existing employees. Please ask questions and listen well.
    2. Very few candidates make it to the third interview.
  5. Offer of Employment
    1. If all the interviews go well and the candidate continues to express a strong desire to self select into Dean Cabinetry, then we will extend an offer of employment.

Training Period

Once an offer of employment is made by Dean Cabinetry and it is accepted by the candidate the training period begins. The candidate will begin work when assigned. They will be trained as necessary.

New Employee Personal Development Interviews will occur for the first three months. If at any time in the first three months the employee is found to not be performing within Dean Cabinetry, said employee will be dismissed.

Subsequently, if after three months of training it is determined that the employee is a great fit for the company, their training period will end, and they will move into standard Personal Development Interviews.

Dean Cabinetry Company Happy Hour

Personal Development Interviews

The purpose of our performance management process is to develop our employees unique skills and talents while motivating them to live and breathe our company mission. It includes: feedback, goals, encouragement, and clear expectations. We want to live by our company values and create well-being for our employees and their families.

Every two months you and a human resources representative will conduct a personal development interview, to review your job progress within our company and help you set new development plans. Our performance review program provides the basis for better understanding between you and your supervisor regarding your job performance, potential, and development within the company. Our goal with this personal development interview is to: keep it simple, have frequent interaction, focus on the future, and get employees to self track.

Dean Cabinetry attempts to provide increases in pay at regular intervals.  However, these increases are based on several factors, including the overall success of Dean Cabinetry, job performance, productivity, your current salary in your position’s grade level, and your level of pay relative to what the industry is paying for similar qualities and talent. Therefore, increases in pay are made at the sole discretion of management, and they are not made on any set timetable.

Dean Cabinetry Team Photo in the New Shop

Growing with Dean Cabinetry

We are deeply committed to growing our people and our business. Therefore, we plan to promote from within whenever possible. It is our goal to employ lifetime employees and create a place where prosperous lifetime careers are possible.

For example, Paul Kowal has been with us for over 10 years. He started installing for John and did that for many years.  About 3 years ago he transitioned into our office and is now a custom designer working with clients to create their dream kitchens.

Paul Kowal, Project Manager

Certainly we hope all of our employees can grow with our company.  So it is our goal to provide the framework for growth and help them to excel.  Going back to our mission statement: At Dean Cabinetry, our mission is to be your kitchen cabinet partners from start to finish, through best value & service, creating results our clients love, while guaranteeing health & well-being for our employees.

In short, our employees are everything.  Their success is our success. Let’s grow together.