Finding Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel: Tips and Ideas

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Jenny Cazares

The Dean Cabinetry project page is a great way to find inspiration for your new kitchen. 

Perusing our photo gallery is simple. Starting on the Dean Cabinetry Home page, click “Menu”, then Projects. Click on the type of cabinetry you might want for your project (Custom, Stock, or Semi Custom) and scroll through the photos. 

Each project will have a unique kitchen blog, complete with photos, a description, and kudos to all of the professionals who helped make the new kitchen project a success.

What does the project label mean?

We label each project, so it is easy to see the brand of cabinets, the finish, and the style of cabinetry. For instance, if it is a John Dean Custom Cabinet kitchen, with a painted white finish, in a beaded inset style, this is how the project would be labeled: John Dean Custom White Beaded Inset Kitchen (see below).

Can I find specific kitchen details on the Dean Cabinetry website?

We created common search “categories” to make it easy to find the feature you are considering for your new kitchen. These would include cabinetry finishes, kitchen feature items, etc. 

We strive to make it simple, so anyone can quickly find just what they are looking for. Below are the categories you will find on our projects page.

Inspiration for New Kitchen: Dean Cabinetry Projects

If a project includes specific items such as an island, or beverage area, we will “tag” that project as such. You could then easily search those categories to find examples of kitchens that contain that tagged item.

Inspiration for New Kitchen: Dean Cabinetry Projects
How Dean Cabinetry labels each photo for projects

We hope this has been helpful in finding inspiration for your new kitchen on our website!