Farm Sinks: What Is the Difference Between a Self-Trimming and a Bowl Sink?

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Author: Brooke Nero

A farm sink is a popular choice for many homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen. Something as simple as a farm sink can dramatically transform the overall look of your new space. These sinks come in many different sizes and finishes, making them a beautiful focal point for your kitchen.

One of the first things you want to determine is, do you prefer a farm sink that comes “self-trimming” or as “a bowl”?

What is a Self-Trimming Sink?

A “self-trimming” or “apron-front” sink means the front part of the sink overlays the cabinet. This conceals the edge of the cabinet cut out necessary to install the sink.

One benefit of the self-trimming farm sink is it may provide a “cleaner” more “finished” look once it’s installed in your cabinet. The front of a self-trimming sink hangs over the area of the cabinet that is cut to allow the sink to sit within it. The cut portion of the cabinet does not show once installation is complete. As a result, a seamless look and feel is provided by the hidden portion cabinet. This makes it an easy preparation for your cabinet provider, contractor, or you, if you are installing the sink yourself.

What is a Bowl Sink?

Bowl sinks can be finished on all four sides. This means it can be installed above or below the countertop, making it a great choice for your kitchen, or vessel sink for your bathroom.

This type of farm sink sits within the cut opening of the front of the cabinet, therefore, the cabinet must be properly prepared. It’s important to remember the opening must be cut to precisely fit the exact size of the sink. Unlike an apron sink, you can be left with unsightly gaps where the sink and cabinets meet if the cabinet is not cut with precision. A bead of caulk around the bowl is typically added to seal the sink within the cabinet cutout. Consequently, this can make the cutout more visible, especially if the color of the caulk does not match your cabinetry.

Due to the extra attention and time required to prepare the cabinet for this type of sink, and for the time to then fit a bowl sink properly, there is often an additional cabinet preparation and installation fee.

Both types of farm sinks are beautiful and functional sinks that can add interest to your new space. It may be best to defer to your designer, cabinet partner, or contractor, on what is the best option for you. This is in order to achieve the look you are after in your new kitchen.

farm bowl sink
White and Gold Bowl Sink
farm sink with gold fixtures
White and Gold Bowl Sink

Whichever you choose, a farm sink is a great addition to any kitchen. They offer a classic feel that can handle the demands of a modern kitchen.

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