Sharing Your New Kitchen Photos: What Does Dean Cabinetry Do?

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Jenny Cazares

Yes, Dean Cabinetry is happy to share the photos we have taken at your follow-up visit with you. With the client’s permission, we post photos of their new space to our website and social media. 

Dean Cabinetry also shares these photos with the professionals and trades that were involved in your project. We love to give everyone involved credit for helping to make your project a success. 

A project link is a URL address for each project that is posted on our website. 

Here is an example of a URL address:

Dean Cabinetry Fabuwood Stock White Framed Full Overlay Kitchen St Martin Semi Custom Black Frameless full Access Island
Dean Cabinetry Shared Kitchen Photo

Yes. When we have created your project page, we will email you the project link

With a click on the link, you will have access to a beautiful array of photos of your kitchen. If you like, you can share it however you choose, via social media, email, etc.

We will also email the professionals involved, letting them know the project is posted on our site. We email them the link, which they can then share to their social media, on their website, or via email.

This is an example of the contractor links we will email them to share or add to their website:

Eudora Semi-Custom Stain Wood Frameless Full Access Full Overlay

We create project links, so visitors to our site can view our “Projects Page” and see all the beautiful kitchens we have created. 
Also, we may share the link on our company’s Instagram page and our Facebook page. We will tag, or #hashtag, the designer, builder, contractor, architect (and anyone else that was involved in your project).

What do we include in each project page?

We include the town and state where the project is located and a creative blurb about each project. It’s our intention to make it fun and exciting for the reader.

We include links to the brand name appliances, countertop info, fixtures, cabinet hardware, stools, etc.

Additionally, we create backlinks to other professionals who helped with the project. Their name(s) and company name(s) will be mentioned in the blurb describing the project.

We will also include a review if the client provides one. We include the client’s first name(s) and the initial of their last name.

We started implementing this beneficial, complimentary service in the past few months. 

Clients love to share their new kitchen with family and friends. The professionals involved appreciate being able to post the project on their website and share the project, adding to their credentials. 

We’ve made it easy for professionals to do this in order to streamline their business. When projects are posted to their site, and shared, their web traffic should increase, potentially gaining them more business

Dean Cabinetry follow-up visit selfie!

What do our clients have to say about their project link?


Well, I guess I am famous…….or at least my kitchen is!  

Sincerely it is an honor to be featured on your website and so glad that my testimonial is there as well as I meant every word!!!!

Thanks again for featuring my house!

Mark W.

OK … the project is complete … punch list finalized … invoice paid … post-project follow-up visit complete … where the customer confirms that they are completely satisfied with the quality of materials, workmanship, professionalism, everything.

And you’re still not done????

Leah, I may have mentioned to you I’m responsible for Professional Development for the company I work for and am often a guest speaker at various business events (during non-Covid times).  Just wanted to let you know that I intend on mentioning your company as the “Poster Child of Customer Service” before, during, and after a sale … and even after that!

Jon L.

What do our contractors have to say about their project links?

Hi Jenny, Nov. 18, 2021

That is so cool. What fantastic pictures!

Mark Ruggiero @ DIFY Innovations

Hi Jenny, Feb. 19, 2022

Excellent job, Thank you for sharing.

Paul Maulucci @ PM Carpentry

The professionals involved love being able to share projects that they helped to make a success. We feel this is an incredible value for the designers/builders/contractors/architects, etc. They are extremely busy, and often don’t have time for this part of their business. We have made it part of our process. We make it easy for them, and it is free!

Why do we offer this service to clients and contractors?

Dean Cabinetry is committed to providing exceptional customer service, striving to provide our clients a 10-star experience. We feel that providing this service adds to the client experience. 

We continue to grow and support local businesses; giving credit where credit is due. 

We feel this service provides a benefit to the professionals involved who collaborate with us to create gorgeous new kitchens. 

Here at Dean Cabinetry, we hope you enjoy viewing and sharing your personalized, beautiful project links, and we greatly appreciate your business and your referrals!