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Date: May 14, 2021
Author: Norine Farrell & Leah Dean

The Dean Cabinetry team is always happy to hear from clients about their kitchen cabinet needs. You may have even seen our tagline: “Your Kitchen Cabinet Partners from Start to Finish”. We work diligently to ensure that the design, layout, and functionality of your kitchen is the best it can be. Nothing makes our Dean Team happier than to hear that you are thrilled with your final results.

Dean Cabinetry White Vanity

Although our processes and systems are designed to partner with clients to create kitchens, we do get calls from clients who are looking for a vanity.

If you reach out to us at a time when you are also ready for a new kitchen, we would be happy to help. We certainly don’t want to inconvenience you by having to go to a separate provider for your vanity cabinetry.

If though, you are doing a bath remodel on its own, we are not your best option. Dean Cabinetry carries only basic vanities, in limited styles, and in limited finishes. And although our custom shop could create a vanity for you, we are not set up to do so.

Dean Cabinetry Brown Vanity

Dean Cabinetry Designers are not Vanity Specialists

Our specialty is creating beautiful, highly functional, quality kitchen cabinetry that will last for years to come. There are other companies who are in the business of creating beautiful, highly functional, quality vanity cabinetry, and meeting that particular need for clients.

Bathroom design is a science on its own: understanding the needs of each individual, couple, or family. How a bathroom will be utilized is extremely important. If a senior couple needs their bathroom designed for safe reaching, ease of entry into the shower, handles for security, taller vanities for more comfortable ergonomics and less bending, the bathroom designer will take all of these needs into consideration.

If, on the other hand, a bathroom needs to meet the needs of a family with children, storage, easy cleaning, and safe corners may be a top priority. The bathroom vanity specialists will hear your concerns and provide solutions for your family.

Consider this comparison: you’ve been considering the purchase of a new motorcycle. You would like the guidance of someone who knows everything there is to know about the newest models. Would you drive to an auto dealership to begin asking your motorcycle questions? Probably not.

The auto dealership will certainly know some things about bikes, but their specialty isn’t motorcycles, so they are not your best resource. Similarly, Dean Cabinetry specializes in kitchens. Even though we can create a gorgeous vanity, we do not specialize in vanities.

Dean Cabinetry Double Vanity

Can Dean Cabinetry Create a Single Vanity?

Since our main production consists of fabrication of full kitchens, sending a small project, like a vanity, through the shop, is not as easy as one would think. For this reason, it’s best for us to stick with what we do best. Making sure to stay on schedule for our kitchen customers and contractors, and stay within our manufacturing best practices.

Can Dean Cabinetry Provide my Vanities along with my Kitchen Cabinetry?

When a customer has chosen us as their cabinet provider for their upcoming kitchen renovation, or new home construction, and they have one or possibly several bathrooms for which vanities are needed, we are happy to provide those vanities.

In this type of scenario, if the project is custom, the vanities can be included in the design and build process from the first step of our process. Any details the vanities require can be included in the kitchen order, and all of the finishes can be applied at the same time. Installation of the vanity cabinets will happen at the same time as the kitchen cabinet installation. You can see how vanities, as part of a kitchen project, can fit into our process.

Since we truly care about you and your home, we are happy to provide several vanity partners to help you move forward with your bathroom project. These providers are specialists in the area of bath remodels, and can help find the best cabinetry for your bath, as well as answer all of your project questions.

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