Do Dean Cabinetry Designers Work on Commission?

Jennifer Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Jenny Cazares

How are Dean Cabinetry designers paid?

All of our designers are paid very competitive salaries; they do not receive commissions on any kitchen projects.

Is it important that our designers do not earn commission pay?

Some customers do not feel comfortable collaborating with a designer who is paid on commission, in essence, a person who has an interest in making the sale. 

When you are working with a designer, and they are commission-based, they are driven to “sell” to the customer. You may feel like the designer or salesperson is trying to “upsell” you on items you don’t need, or that are not in your budget. 

Is working with a commission based designer a bad thing?

No, not if you’re working with the right designer. If you choose to work with a commission-based designer, make sure they listen to your needs and work within your budget.

A designer’s income may be commission-based only, it might consist of a base salary plus commission, or be salaried. Being paid commission might be stressful if sales are inconsistent. 

Why do we pay our designers a salary and not commission?

We want to be your “Kitchen Cabinet Partners from Start to Finish”; a cabinet company you can trust has your best interest in mind every step of the way. We are completely transparent and don’t ever want to come across to our clients as “pushy salespeople”.  

Dean Cabinetry acknowledges and appreciates each designer’s attributes and abilities, and provides excellent compensation based on their knowledge and experience.

Dean Cabinetry promotes collaboration among our designers. We have a cohesive, team atmosphere at Dean Cabinetry; when one designer has a question or issue, another designer is happy to assist. With commission-based positions, a competitive atmosphere can evolve. This is not a part of the culture here at Dean Cabinetry.

Dean Cabinetry – Designer, Paul Kowal with clients

Why would I want to work with a designer who is paid a salary?

When working with a designer who is paid a salary, one can feel confident that their best interest is in mind at all times. There is no pressure by the designer to sell a more expensive cabinet line, more accessories, or more inserts. The designer is not under stress to meet a quota or sell enough cabinetry to receive a paycheck each week.

Your designer will collaborate with you to create a functional and beautiful kitchen, one that fits your style and your budget. They will be honest with you and will make suggestions on your layout and design, purely with your best interest in mind. 

We strive to create a 10-star experience for every client, and the time you spend with your designer is a large part of your Dean Cabinetry experience. Each designer strives to educate and advise their clients, so they will be extremely satisfied with their end result. The client needs to understand their options, without feeling pressure to move in any one direction.

Feel free to read this blog we have created, “Is Dean Cabinetry Right for Me?” We want to make sure that we are the best partner for you and your project.

A top-notch designer, whether salary, salary plus commission, or commission-based only, will listen to their client. They will do their very best to fulfill the client’s wants and needs to create their dream kitchen!