Do You Need Outlets in Your New Kitchen Island?

Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Jenny Cazares

You are getting a kitchen island, do you need to add outlets? 

This blog is to help educate you on the options and needs for your new kitchen island, whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or building new construction.

Is an outlet required in my new kitchen island?

At least one outlet is required in your island. You will also need power if you are including any appliances in your island. 

You will need to include power in your island if you plan to include a:

What other reasons are there for adding outlets to my island?

If your island has seating, you may want to include outlets that incorporate USB charging ports for the kids, friends, and family for their devices.

If your island is a prepping station for cooking, you may want outlets on the ends for plugging in small appliances, such as a hand mixer, or your ipad for following recipes online. 

You may also need outlets for holiday decorations for your island; adding string lights and garland.

Will my kitchen designer inform me about outlets for my island?

Yes, your kitchen designer will work with you on your kitchen layout and prepare you for adding outlets to your new island. You will want to work with your contractor or electrician as well, to ensure they can get power to where you want your island positioned.   

Your kitchen designer will create a layout that is both beautiful and functional for you and your space. Make sure to discuss how you and your family will use your new island. Your kitchen designer will then be able to discuss all the options available to you.

Trust the professionals to give you the best advice to ensure your kitchen is all you dreamed it will be!