Do You Need an Interior Designer for Your Kitchen Project?

Jenny Cazares| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

Do I need an interior designer for my kitchen project?

Your kitchen cabinet partner should collaborate with you, so you can create the most functional and beautiful cabinet layout and design for you. 

Your cabinet partner might not, though, have the expertise to guide you with potential layout changes in adjoining rooms or help you with bringing together all the finish elements for your kitchen and other rooms.

If you are a good visual and spatial thinker, and you have an eye for design, then you might want to tackle these decisions yourself. You might have what it takes to make the choices that will create a cohesive, beautiful kitchen (and adjoining rooms) if applicable.

Dean Cabinetry Kitchen Design Meeting

What kitchen design issues might I need help with?

These are a few of the most common concerns clients have when designing a kitchen:

How do I incorporate all of my design elements in a cohesive manner?

The style and finish of your cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances, backsplash, lighting, and hardware all need to come together. Is this something you feel confident with?

How do I create a space that blends with the rest of my home?

Cabinets and design elements should complement existing flooring & cabinetry.

Colors and design styles that flow between the dining room and family room should blend with your new kitchen.

 How do I create a space that reflects me and my style?

Design elements should exemplify who you are and what makes you happy, creating a space that is uniquely yours.

Choose a distinctive design element that will make your kitchen stand out.

Modern Brick Kitchen Design – Yanko Design

What can an interior designer add to my kitchen design?

Even creative people sometimes like to have a second opinion for their home projects.

Interior designers are the professionals when it comes to bringing your design elements together to create your unique space.

An interior designer never wants to create the same space twice. They offer expertise in layout, design, and functionality.

A good interior designer will have excellent listening skills and will want to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your project before giving any advice or suggestions.

They will look at “your” space with a new set of eyes and an open mind. They may provide several options of what “could” work in your space, and will partner with you to create a beautiful kitchen that reflects your taste and personality. 

Interior designers have a keen eye for blending different styles, textures, patterns, and colors; something not all of us can pull off successfully.

Your designer will offer ideas for utilizing any wasted space and will increase functionality such as cabinet inserts, pull-out drawers, pantries, and creating a cozy space for guests if you enjoy entertaining.

Designers often work alongside other contractors that they know and trust. So, your designer may act as a project manager, keeping your project on track, and coordinating all the details for you.

An interior designer might coordinate everything from demo to installation, saving time and reducing stress the client may experience.  American Society of Interior Design (ASID) is a great resource for more information.

What if I don’t use an interior designer for my kitchen project?

If you choose not to hire an interior designer, you can find many resources online; blogs, images, and retailers can all be great sources of information and inspiration. 

Be sure to collect inspirational photos to bring with you when you meet your cabinet partners and countertop professionals; they can help you create the look you desire.

open kitchen shelving
Kitchen Cabinet Design w/ Open Shelving – Curbed

Inspirational photos?

Look on sites like Pinterest for kitchen designs and in architectural and design magazines for the newest design features, colors, and styles.

How much do interior designers charge?

  • There are many designers that will charge you a reasonable fee by the hour. You can meet with them for consultation, and they will charge you for their time to create the design for your space.
  • A designer may charge you a flat fee for the entire job; this fee may or may not include the costs of materials.
  • If a designer is working for you as your project manager, they may charge you a percentage of the total cost of the project. 

Interior designers offer a valuable service to clients. Even if you already have a great design plan, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion. After all, you’re going to have this space for many years of enjoyment. It can only help to have a professional’s expertise and input to create a space that has the best flow, function, and beauty!