Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

If you cook a lot and do a lot of entertaining, a single oven may not be enough. If you have the space for a double wall oven (or a more extensive double oven range) and you’ve always wanted a double oven, you may consider incorporating one when designing your new kitchen. 

What is a double wall oven?

A double wall oven is a single appliance with 2 separate ovens, one above and one below. It is installed inside the cabinetry. A double wall oven can be installed in stock, custom, and semi-custom cabinetry.

What is a double oven range?

A double oven range varies in size, from 30” to 54” plus. They typically have one larger oven, and a smaller oven, next to it, or above it.

Why would I choose a double wall oven?

Honestly, it is your personal preference but here are a few reasons why you may want to consider installing one:

  • You do a lot of baking
  • You entertain family and friends frequently
  • The holidays are usually at your home
  • For resale value
  • You need a Kosher kitchen, which requires double ovens and or 2 completely separate oven

What if I don’t have room for a double wall oven?

Some kitchens may be on the smaller side and may not have available wall space for a double wall oven. Perhaps a single wall oven with an additional slide-in stove/range would be a better option for you. This would allow you to have more cabinet space for your storage needs.

Another option is a convection microwave oven. Our clients really seem to love this option. A convection microwave oven has a fan inside to circulate the heat, making it capable of heating and warming food, just like an oven. 

When working with your kitchen designer, discuss your options for a second or double oven. You’re putting your time, money, and energy into designing the perfect kitchen; it’s always good to have all your options available before making your final decisions. The last thing you want is to have your beautiful new kitchen completed, and you really wish you had included one.