Direct Ship Process

Kevin Dean

By Kevin Dean

Dean Cabinetry offers design, delivery, and installation services for kitchen cabinetry.  You may not need our delivery & installation services.  In this case, our designers will create your contract for “Direct Ship.”

How does payment work for Direct Ship?

Payment is due in full prior to ordering the cabinetry.

How does Direct Ship work?

The manufacturer will reach out to you directly with a delivery date & estimated delivery window.

What happens on delivery day?

The driver will typically call 30-120 minutes before delivery. It is the receiver’s responsibility to ensure enough people are available to unload the truck. The driver will move items to the tailgate of the truck for customer unloading. Please note the driver will not unload the boxes from the truck. Most drivers will park curbside on public and paved roads only. They will not drive onto private unpaved paths or driveways.

The receiver is required to provide a (depending on the company policy):

  • a digital signature via the mobile application to acknowledge the receipt of the delivery
  • a handwritten signature on the packing list

The receiver is responsible for checking all items against the packing list and conducting an exterior visual inspection. Any discrepancies, missing, or damaged items should be promptly noted on the driver’s packing slip.

How do punch list items work for Direct Ship?

All requests for replacements, must include photos of the cabinetry NOT INSTALLED, free standing.

Customers must inspect every cabinet BEFORE installation. Any request for replacement after installation will be denied by the manufacturer.

Recommended method:

  1. Place a piece of blue tape next to the damage
  2. Write the cabinet # (from your install plans) on the tape
  3. Provide a description of the parts requesting to be replaced (ie drawer front, door, etc)
  4. Take a picture up close with damage and blue tape visible
  5. Take a picture of the entire cabinet, FREE STANDING

Inspect your cabinets thoroughly, make sure all drawers and doors are working correctly.

Requests for replacement items must be sent to Dean Cabinetry at the same time. The manufacturer will not accept multiple requests. You may want to call / email Dean Cabinetry to confirm the receipt of your requests for replacement.

You may install your cabinets after you have recorded any damages and notified Dean Cabinetry.

Example Below:

How long will it take for punch list items to arrive?

Punch list lead times vary by cabinet manufacturer. Stock cabinets are usually the quickest, about 2-3 weeks. Semi-custom and custom cabinets are typically 3-5 weeks.  Dean Custom Cabinetry is generally 2-4 weeks.

What does the client / installer take responsibility for?

Each installer has their preferred method of cabinet installation. Therefore, for direct ship projects it is the client’s or installer’s responsibility to take and confirm site measurements. It is also their responsibility to review the parts list and make any additions / deletions to the list. Dean Cabinetry will require the client to sign-off on the parts list and site measurements.

What does Dean Cabinetry take responsibility for?

Dean Cabinetry takes responsibility for ordering cabinetry.  If a customer has discrepancies with the cabinet quality, Dean Cabinetry will work with the manufacturer’s quality control team to determine if replacement parts are necessary.