Kitchen Cabinet Cost Calculator

Planning your kitchen renovation can be an exciting experience, but it’s crucial to have a clear budget in mind before diving into the world of custom cabinets. A well-defined budget not only ensures that you stay within your financial limits but also helps you make informed decisions about the style and quality of your kitchen cabinets.


To create a budget that suits your needs, start by assessing your kitchen’s specific requirements. Consider factors such as the size of your kitchen, the type of cabinets you desire, and any additional features you want.


By using our calculator, you can easily estimate the cost of your cabinets, factoring in elements like linear feet, cabinetry level and installation. It provides an estimate to guide you through your kitchen renovation project, helping you make decisions that align with your budget and vision.


Begin Your Kitchen Cabinet Budget

Accurate measurements are the foundation of any successful kitchen cabinet project. When using our custom cabinet cost estimator, you’ll need to measure the linear feet of cabinet space required for your kitchen.


This involves measuring the length of each wall where cabinets will be installed and summing up those measurements to determine the total linear footage.


Measuring can be challenging, especially in kitchens with unique layouts. That’s where the Dean Cabinetry team steps in to help. Our experts work closely with you to ensure accurate measurements.


If you decide to work with Dean Cabinetry, we’ll send a professional to measure your space before crafting or ordering your cabinets, ensuring a seamless process.

At Dean Cabinetry, we offer three main cabinet options that you can explore with our kitchen cabinet estimator:


  • Stock Cabinets: Affordable and ready-made for quick solutions. We work with a number of high quality stock manufactures to chose from.
  • Custom Cabinets: Tailored to your kitchen’s precise requirements. Fully custom solution with all cabinets built locally in our Connecticut shop.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets: A flexible middle ground for personalization. Great for non-standard sizes, storage options and finishes.

For a detailed comparison of these options, visit our stock vs. custom vs. semi-custom cabinets page to make an informed choice using our kitchen cabinet estimator for your kitchen project.

View our article about kitchen cabinet prices at Dean Cabinetry. We break down all the important items to consider when budgeting for your new kitchen.


It’s a complete guide that offers guidance about cabinet types, materials, design styles, installation costs, and more. Appliances, fixtures, flooring, countertops, lighting, etc. all should be considered when you are planning for a new kitchen.


Our comprehensive pricing guide aims to arm you with enough information that you will be confident to kick-off your kitchen project.

In our field, budgeting for cabinets is not stashing away extra money in hopes of one day getting a new kitchen. We look at budgeting as an integral step in determining which cabinetry level may be best suited for your needs.


While all of our cabinet solutions are high quality and can provide an increase in value to your home, there are factors that we consider in the budgeting phase that can influence whether you should go with stock, custom or semi-custom cabinets.


View our guide on How to Budget for Cabinets to determine which level may be best suited for your project. If you feel like you are in between two levels or have any questions, please reach out to us!

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