Kevin Dean | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Kevin Dean

We’re writing this blog to explain our process for delivery only projects.  

We offer design, delivery, and installation services for kitchen cabinetry.  You may not need our installation services.  In this case, our designers will set your contract up for “Delivery Only”.

How does Delivery Only work?

When we receive an ETA for your cabinets, we will reach out to let you know.  We will ask you to read and understand this article before we schedule delivery.  It is important that we start off on the same page.

Once you’ve read and understood this process, please let us know and we can schedule the delivery of your cabinets.

We will offer a date and a time for delivery and ask for your confirmation.

What happens on delivery day?

Our delivery team is expected to arrive at your location at the confirmed time. They will call ahead regardless of our ETA.  If you do not receive a call, please call our office.  We may be running slightly ahead or behind schedule due to various reasons.

Our delivery team will arrive at your location and greet you.  Next, they will need to check out the delivery space and place moving blankets in travel ways if necessary.  We recommend placing the cabinets directly into the installation space to avoid moving them multiple times.  We also recommend placing floor protection if we will be delivering over and onto finished floors.  We may have moving blankets available to use for delivery, but we will need to take these with us when we leave.

We will unbox the cabinets and bring them into your home.  If you have any specific requests for the placement of the cabinets, please let the delivery team know.  Otherwise, we will place them in their approximate install location.

Will Dean Cabinetry unbox my cabinets?

Unless specified in the contract, Dean Cabinetry will unbox your cabinets.

If you are considering keeping the cabinets boxed upon delivery, please know that there is about 3 times more cardboard than you would expect.

How does payment work for Delivery Only?

Payment is due once we schedule your delivery.  Please mail in your check to secure your delivery dates.  

We do this because, once we deliver the cabinets in to your location, we have very little legal power to collect the check.

Please do not worry, if any defective parts are found upon delivery, we will be happy to replace them for you.

How does punch list work for Delivery Only?

When installing cabinets, you may find a damaged item.  If this is the case, we, along with our suppliers are eager to get these items replaced for you.

Please send us a photo of the damaged item along with the dimensions.  Our suppliers require a photo and dimensions in order to get a free replacement.

For example:

    1. Warped door @ 9-1/4” wide x 23” tall x ¾” deep

    1. damaged door (dinged) @ 15-⅜” wide x 23 ⅛” tall x ¾” deep

We will order the punch list items for you and deliver them as soon as they arrive and we inspect them for quality.

Please note that our suppliers allow for 2 orders of punch list items.  If we need to place a 3rd order of punch list items, they will require a $150 processing fee.

How long will it take for punch list items to arrive?

Punch list lead times vary with the brand of cabinetry you’ve purchased.  Stock cabinet lines are generally quickest, between 2 and 3 weeks.  Semi-custom and custom lines are typically 3 to 5 weeks.  Dean Cabinetry custom is generally 2 to 4 weeks.

What does the installer take responsibility for?

Different installers will have different ways of installing, therefore, for delivery only projects it is the client’s or installer’s responsibility to confirm the site measurements and parts list of your order.

Dean Cabinetry will ask for your sign-off on the parts list and site measurements.

What does Dean Cabinetry take responsibility for?

Dean Cabinetry takes responsibility for receiving, storing, delivering, and unboxing the cabinetry.   If a customer has discrepancies with the cabinet quality, Dean Cabinetry will work with the manufacturer’s quality specifications to determine if replacement parts are necessary.