Custom Kitchen Cabinets Installation:
Adding Style & Functionality to Your Home

Installing custom kitchen cabinets is a great way to add value to your home. More than increasing your home’s value, the benefits of installing cabinetry also include optimized storage solutions and tailor-made organization.


Custom kitchen cabinet installation facilitates both craftsmanship and design, delivering a beautiful new space that stands the test of time.

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Planning and Prepping for Your Custom Cabinet Installation​​

Starting a successful custom kitchen cabinet installation project includes some crucial steps for seamlessly transforming your kitchen space. It begins with measuring kitchen cabinets accurately to ensure a precise fit and placement in your kitchen. You should also evaluate your kitchen needs, focusing on your storage needs and design preferences.


Collaborating with an experienced kitchen designer can help turn your ideas into a functional layout. Measuring kitchen cabinets is a critical step, guaranteeing that each unit will fit perfectly in your space. An experienced installation expert from our team will ensure the installation is carried out flawlessly, making sure every detail matches your vision.


Dean Cabinetry’s team of professionals, including designers and installation experts, is dedicated to supporting you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful transformation of your kitchen!

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Choosing the Cabinet Style for Your Home

Working with a Dean Cabinetry kitchen designer ensures you get custom cabinets that fit your home, storage needs, and lifestyle perfectly. Together, you’ll explore different cabinet styles, from modern to classic.


We offer types of wood cabinets like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut, as well as many finishes to match your style. When you work closely with a Dean kitchen designer, you can be sure that every part of your custom cabinet project, from the design to the materials and finishing touches, will create your dream kitchen!

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Hardware Styles for Your Custom Cabinets

You have many choices for cabinet hardware styles! Even though cabinet hardware is one of the last things you add during installation, it’s important to pick it early to make your kitchen both stylish and practical.


You can find hardware styles that are simple and modern, or ones with fancy designs. Cabinet hardware adds both function and beauty to your custom cabinets, making them work well and look great, no matter what your style is.

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Countertop Installation

Choosing the perfect countertop to go with your kitchen cabinets is a big decision. There are a few things to think about, like how long it will last, how much work it takes to keep it clean, if it looks good with your cabinets, and if it’s practical for your needs.


Your kitchen designer will help you make sure it all looks great together. If you have a countertop that sticks out from the cabinets by a foot or more, it needs extra support. Special braces called “stealth braces” can do that job, and your Dean Cabinetry installation team can put them in.

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Lighting and Electrical Options

There are various choices for kitchen lighting that can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your new space. Under-cabinet lighting is useful because it makes it easier to see while you work.


Putting lights inside display cabinets or hanging a pendant light over your kitchen island can spice up your kitchen design.


Also, think about making some electrical improvements, like having hidden cabinets for your appliances and putting in grounded outlets. These upgrades can make your kitchen look better and safer when you’re using your new cabinets.

Designing Your Custom Kitchen

Collaborating with a kitchen designer for your custom kitchen cabinets installation is akin to having a creative problem-solving expert by your side.


Our kitchen designers possess the skills to transform your ideas into practical solutions, turning your kitchen dreams into a functional layout. They excel at finding innovative ways to make the most of your kitchen’s unique characteristics and convert them into design elements that not only work but also enhance your daily life.


Consider those awkward corners or irregular spaces – a designer’s special skill lies in ensuring your cabinets fit perfectly. They’ll assist you in choosing colors and finishes that align with your personal style. They understand how to incorporate those thoughtful extras that simplify your life, such as pull-out spice racks, clever drawer dividers, soft-close drawers, and cabinet base drawers.

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Prepping Your Kitchen for Installation

Once you’ve ordered your cabinets from Dean Cabinetry, one of our installation managers will get in touch with you to start the installation process. Usually, we schedule kitchen installations about 4 to 5 weeks ahead.


First, we’ll plan a phone call to go over the whole process with you, discuss your schedule, and answer any questions. We’ll send you a contract and the final plans. If you have any special requests for the installation, please let us know; otherwise, we’ll handle those details.


Next, we’ll suggest some installation dates via email. These dates are confirmed when you receive an email from us confirming them. Your kitchen cabinet installation should happen before the final floor and paint coats. You should also clear the space of kitchen appliances as much as possible.


Don’t forget to have your cabinet hardware (knobs and pulls) ready on-site when we come for installation. Make sure to order your hardware in advance to have it ready.

Custom Cabinet Installation Process

Usually, we deliver your cabinets before starting the installation. Our Dean Cabinetry delivery team will call you in advance. They’ll put the big cabinets right into your kitchen space, not in another room or the garage. Smaller cabinets and other parts might go into an adjacent room or the garage if necessary.


Our Dean Cabinetry installers are experienced and are partners in your cabinetry project. They’re carefully chosen subcontractors that we work with regularly. Typically, our teams arrive between 8 am and 9 am and finish up between 4 pm and 5 pm. During this time, they should be the only ones working in the area.


We kindly ask that you’re present during the installation. You’ll get to decide where the cabinet hardware goes. Finally, you’ll go through each cabinet with your installer and create a Punch List, which is a list of any problems or things that aren’t finished.


Your cabinet installation will be officially done when all the items on the Punch List are fixed. We’re more than willing to come back for maintenance, adjustments, or touch-ups as needed. We want to make sure your kitchen looks fantastic for years to come, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any adjustments.

Ready to Begin Your Cabinet Installation?

Cabinet Installation FAQs

A punch list is a list of defective or incomplete items that need to be resolved.

Absolutely.  If you choose to go in this direction, please notify your designer.

When you choose to install the cabinetry yourself or use another contractor, you are also accepting the management of punch list, final field measurements, and the final materials list.

Generally, your countertop template should be scheduled for after the install.  Countertop install can occur before the punch list visit.

This is a general rule and does not apply to all situations.

We recommend being onsite for the template as the technicians will have questions for you about the layout of your countertop.  Once the stone is cut, it is very difficult to change.

Most countertop companies prefer your appliances be installed prior to the countertop template.  This is most important for slide in ranges and farm sinks.

Demolition is typically managed by the homeowner or contractor.  However, Dean Cabinetry offers demolition services.  If preparation work is needed in between demo and install, it is the responsibility of the client or contractor.

Dean Cabinetry does not install or move appliances in your home or attach integrated appliance panels.

Appliances should be installed after the cabinetry.  This will allow the cabinet installers to perfectly level the cabinets.  Then the appliances can be installed and leveled to fit inside the cabinetry.

When the appliance model numbers are provided to Dean Cabinetry, our installers will prepare the appliance openings to the specs.  Our installers will tape the spec sheets inside of the openings.

Appliance installation is difficult.  Appliances, including the sink, should be delivered to the site but kept out of the cabinet installation area.  Your appliance provider will provide installation options.

We expect your install to take 1 to 5 days, but this may vary.  Once installation is complete, the installer will review the cabinetry with you, and take note of any items that need to be replaced or adjusted.  We will fix or order the punch list items and return at a later date to complete the project.

When we install your cabinets we take full responsibility for all details, dimensions, touch ups and adjustments, now and into the future.  Our referrals come from keeping your kitchen looking great.

We take responsibility for what is reasonably expected and we do our best to help guide you through the rest.  The following is a list of what we are not responsible for:

  • Any appliance defects caused during cabinet installation.  The appliances should not be in the space during cabinet installation.
  • Scuff marks made in the drywall and paint.  We do our best to avoid these marks but they are often unavoidable and should be expected during installation.
  • Dean Cabinetry installers will do their best to protect your finished floors with moving blankets during installation.  Scratches to the floor are rare but may be unavoidable.  If your floor is scratched we will take reasonable measures to touch up the scratches but cannot take responsibility beyond touch ups, including financial responsibility.
  • Providing knobs and pulls, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 
  • Integrated appliance panel attachment, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 
  • Template and installation of countertops, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 
  • Plumbing and/or electrical disconnect and reconnect.
  • Asbestos and/or lead identification and/or removal/disposal.
  • Backsplash removal, spackling, sheetrock work, painting and touch ups (other than for cabinets).

Your cabinetry install will officially be complete once all of the punch list items have been resolved and closed with PL1 or PL2.  The next step is to complete any follow up items and the other final finishes to the project.

Please keep in mind that we at Dean Cabinetry are more than happy to come out to do maintenance, adjustments, or touch ups for you.  It is in our best interest to keep your kitchen looking great for years to come, so please do not hesitate to give us a call for adjustments.