Custom Kitchen Cabinets Installation:
Adding Style & Functionality to Your Home

Custom kitchen cabinet installation.

Installing custom kitchen cabinets is a great way to add value to your home. More than increasing your home’s value, the benefits of installing cabinetry also include optimized storage solutions and tailor-made organization. Custom kitchen cabinet installation facilitates both craftsmanship and design, delivering a beautiful new space that stands the test of time.

kitchen cabinetry installation

Planning and Prepping for Your Custom Cabinet Installation​​

The journey to your custom cabinet installation.

Embarking on a successful custom kitchen cabinet installation project involves a few key steps to ensure a seamless transformation of your space. Start by assessing your kitchen needs, carefully considering your storage requirements and design preferences. 


Collaborating with a skilled kitchen designer can translate your ideas into a functional layout. Accurate measurements of your kitchen are crucial to ensure precise cabinet placement and fit. A seasoned installation professional will guarantee flawless execution, making sure that every element aligns with your vision. Dean Cabinetry’s team of professionals, including designers and installers are happy to guide you through the process, from start to finish! 

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Choosing the Cabinet Style for Your Home

Collaborating with a Dean Cabinetry kitchen designer will ensure you achieve a custom cabinet installation that aligns perfectly with your home, storage requirements, and lifestyle. Together, you’ll explore a plethora of cabinet styles, from sleek and modern to timeless and traditional. We offer a wide range of material options, including various types of hard wood such as oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. An endless array of finishes is available to complement your design. By working closely with a Dean kitchen designer, you can rest assured that every element of your custom cabinet installation, from design to material selection and finishing touches, will create your dream kitchen!

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Hardware Styles for Your Custom Cabinets

There’s a variety of cabinet hardware styles available! While cabinetry hardware is the last part of the installation itself, you will want to choose your hardware well in advance to elevate the style and functional use of your kitchen. Styles range from sleek and minimalist to intricately adorned knobs and pulls. Cabinet hardware accentuates your custom cabinetry with functional and aesthetic elements that suit any style and enhances the overall user experience.

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Countertop Installation

Selecting the ideal countertop to complement your kitchen cabinets involves several considerations. You will want to factor in material durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetic cohesion, and functional needs to your countertop decision. Your kitchen designer will collaborate with you to achieve your ideal visual balance. Working with a quality cabinetry company will also ensure your countertops have the physical support they need. You will need support for any stone countertop that extends past the cabinetry by 12” or more. Stealth braces help achieve that support and are installed by your cabinetry installer.

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Lighting and Electrical Options

Kitchen lighting options encompass a range of possibilities. Practical under-cabinet lighting can enhance workspace visibility. Lighting inside display cabinets can elegantly showcase decor adding to the aesthetic of the kitchen cabinetry. Adding a pendant over a kitchen island can create a stylish and functional focal point. Additionally, considering electrical upgrades, such as hidden appliance cabinets and grounded outlet installations, can further enhance both the aesthetic and safety aspects of your kitchen cabinet installation.

Designing Your Custom Kitchen

The right design for your custom kitchen cabinetry installation.

Working with a kitchen designer on your custom kitchen cabinet installation is like having a creative problem-solving guide. Our kitchen designers know how to take your ideas and make them practical, transforming your kitchen dreams into a functional layout. They’re the ones who’ll figure out how to make the most of your kitchen’s quirks and turn them into design features that actually work and enhance your lifestyle.

Think of those awkward corners or that oddly shaped space – a designer’s superpower is making sure your cabinets fit like a glove. They’ll help you pick colors and finishes that resonate with your style. They know how to add those little extras that make life easier, like slide-out spice racks, clever drawer dividers, and soft-close drawers.

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Prepping Your Kitchen for Installation

Scheduling your cabinetry delivery and installation.

Once your cabinets are ordered, a Dean Cabinetry installation manager will reach out to you to initiate the installation process. We typically book kitchen installations 4–5 weeks out. First, we’ll schedule a phone call to review the entire process with you and discuss your timeline and questions. We will send you a copy of the contract and the final plans. We ask that you notify us of any install requests, items not specifically noted will be left to our professional discretion.


Next, we will offer installation dates for you to confirm through email. Your dates are confirmed once you have received an email confirmation. Your kitchen cabinetry installation should take place before the final coat on the floors and before the final coat of paint. Your kitchen appliances cannot be in the space during installation. The space should be as empty as possible to receive your new cabinetry. You will need to have your cabinetry hardware (knobs and pulls) on-site for the installation. So be sure to order your hardware well in advance.

Custom Cabinet Installation Process

How your custom cabinets are installed.

We typically deliver your cabinets before the installation. The Dean Cabinetry delivery team will call ahead. The delivery team will place large cabinets directly into the space, not in an adjacent room or garage. They may need to place small cabinets and other pieces in an adjacent room or garage. The Dean Cabinetry installers are excited to be your cabinetry partner. They are carefully selected subcontractors we use regularly. Our teams typically arrive between 8 am and 9 am and leave between 4 pm and 5 pm. They should be the only workers in the space during this time.


We ask that you be on-site during the installation. First, you will choose cabinet hardware locations. Lastly, you will review each cabinet with your installer and create a Punch List, a list of defective or incomplete items.  Your cabinetry installation will officially be complete once all the punch list items have been resolved. We are more than happy to come out to do maintenance, adjustments, or touch-ups for you. It is in our best interest to keep your kitchen looking great for years to come, so please do not hesitate to give us a call for adjustments.

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