The Ultimate Guide to Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right custom kitchen cabinets for your home can feel overwhelming with so many decisions involved. Our goal at Dean Cabinetry is to guide you through the process to make it feel as stress-free and seamless as possible. From setting a budget to choosing the right style and design including cabinetry hardware and your kitchen layout, the professionals at Dean Cabinetry will help you choose the right cabinets for your needs.

Setting a Budget for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Budget Planning for Custom Kitchen Cabinetry in Connecticut

A great starting point for budgeting your kitchen cabinetry is measuring your kitchen to determine how much cabinetry you will need. Once you know your linear feet (LF) of cabinetry, you can estimate your cabinetry costs for each level of cabinetry: stock, semi-custom, and custom. Check out our guide on how to measure your kitchen to get an estimate of the linear feet you have in consideration.


Stock cabinets have the lowest cost per linear foot, but have limited materials, styles, and dimensions.


Semi-custom cabinets have a slightly higher cost per linear foot but have more options available.


Custom cabinets have the highest cost per linear foot, but the possibilities are endless.


Once you decide on the type of cabinetry best suits your needs, you will need to consider extras. Details beyond the cabinet doors, drawers, and boxes, like molding, cabinetry inserts, and pullouts will add an additional cost. For each additional detail, you can estimate an additional $10 per linear foot.


Lastly, you’ll want to consider final finishes like cabinet hardware, appliances, countertops, and light fixtures, so they don’t sneak up on you. These costs can add up quickly, so it’s helpful to do some research on your preferences and the price ranges of final finishes before finalizing your cabinetry budget.

How to Choose the Right Style and Design

Design customization with kitchen cabinet stores near me that get me. 

Your choice of kitchen cabinets greatly influences your kitchen’s style. There are three common styles to consider: traditional, modern, and transitional.


  • Traditional cabinets offer a timeless, elegant look with intricate details and rich, dark woods like cherry or oak.
  • Modern cabinets focus on simplicity and functionality, featuring clean lines and materials like glass and stainless steel.

  • Transitional cabinets strike a balance between traditional and modern, offering versatility and sophistication.

Our experts at Dean Cabinetry can help you find the right cabinet style to match your home’s aesthetic. They’ll work closely with you to customize styles, finishes, colors, and hardware, maximizing functionality while staying within your budget. Stay up to date with the latest kitchen cabinet trends, like open shelving, pops of color, and bold custom cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry Hardware and Accessories

Knobs, pulls & more to complete your custom cabinetry.

Cabinet hardware and accessories enhance both function and style.

  • Knobs and pulls offer classic and modern options, with various styles to match your cabinets.

  • Soft-close hinges and slides ensure quiet and gentle closing, extending your cabinet’s life.

  • Pull-out shelves, spice racks, and built-in trash cans add convenience.

At Dean Cabinetry, we can help you choose the right cabinet hardware and accessories for your needs and style.

Tips for Designing and Planning Your Cabinet Layout

From cabinet layout plan to cabinet installation.

Accurate kitchen measurements are crucial for a well-organized layout. To get started, use a measuring tape, pencil, and our kitchen measuring guide.


Share these measurements with our Dean Cabinetry team. Your designer will use software to create digital kitchen cabinet layouts that optimize space and follow kitchen design principles, including the work triangle.


Your designer will consider workflow, traffic flow, and ergonomics, ensuring efficient movement in the kitchen. They’ll place cabinets, appliances, and workstations in line with these guidelines and make adjustments to meet your needs, resulting in a beautiful and efficient kitchen design.

Working with a Cabinet Professional

Custom kitchen cabinet experts.

Choosing kitchen cabinetry experts like Dean Cabinetry offers distinct advantages over big box stores or DIY. Our experienced team designs and installs custom cabinets tailored to your space, lifestyle, and style, unlike standard sizes at big stores. Dean Custom Cabinets are precision-crafted with top-quality materials, ensuring beauty and long-lasting function. This quality surpasses mass-produced box store cabinets. Plus, you have complete customization control over materials, finishes, hardware, and accessories.

The Dean Cabinetry Difference

Our streamlined 6-step process.

Our goal is to be your cabinetry partner from start to finish. Dean Cabinetry’s one-stop-shop approach streamlines the process, ensuring seamless coordination between different stages of the project. You can rely on our team to handle every aspect of the installation, making the experience stress-free and efficient. Our 6-step process will take you from discovery, where we learn about your kitchen project and preferences, through budget, design, ordering, and installation, all the way to follow-up. 


We end our 6-step process with a follow-up visit to understand how your experience with us went. We prioritize customer satisfaction, aiming for a 5-star experience for every homeowner and contractor that we work with. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service at every step of the process. Working with professionals who genuinely care about your project ensures that any concerns or issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

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