How to Convince Your Significant Other to Remodel Your Kitchen

By the Dean Cabinetry Team

The Dean Cabinetry team members give advice on how to convince your significant other to remodel your kitchen. See what they had to say!

“If we had soft close doors and drawers, you wouldn’t get caught sneaking late night snacks.”

– Kevin Dean.

“If we had a beautiful, functional kitchen we would want to prepare and eat more meals at home, our family would spend more time together, and we would spend less money eating out!”

– Leah Dean

“If we got a functional kitchen, you wouldn’t have to hear the tornado of pots and pans every time I need to find one lid.”

– Sean Ahern

“With the stimulus money we’ve received, I can’t think of a better place to invest it than into our kitchen, our home and our family! And cooking at home is healthier for all of us anyway. Let’s get started, honey!”

– Norine Farrell

“If we want to sell our home in the next 5 years we need to update the kitchen, it is so outdated, dark, and not functional at all.”

– Brooke Nero

“To make better use of the spaces in and around the kitchen that are not being used or could be made more useful.”

– John Jordan

Dean Cabinetry John Dean Custom Cabinetry White Inset Kitchen 2

“Honey, you are always complaining about my cooking.  If you would just give me a five-star kitchen, I would happily make you a five-star meal.  Until then, microwaved hot dogs and boxed mac and cheese it is!”

– Lauren McGill

If you’ve already convinced your significant other to remodel your kitchen, congratulations! Get started with your kitchen cabinetry by booking an appointment with us.