By Andrew Saladino

Whether you’re working on a DIY project for the first time or you’re a five star home improvement veteran, learning to identify and avoid mistakes will make any project you take on a lot easier and safer.

Although DIY sounds easy in theory, it can turn into a real disaster very fast if you aren’t careful. Whenever someone chooses to do a project by themselves, there is always room for mistakes. And quite often, mistakes can cost a lot of money.

We’ve asked experts about common mistakes that a lot of DIYers make that you should avoid at all costs.

It’s all about planning

Common Mistakes Painting

“Aside from using the proper tools & materials, ensuring you have the setup and preparation in your space goes a long way when it comes to DIY projects. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect your home: lay down rosin paper on the floor, protect walls with plastic wrap, and install fans to eliminate dust & debris. Skipping out on this important step in your DIY process will likely result in sloppy results that will leave you calling a professional in to finish the job!”

Shannon Magpiong

Tom Curren Companies

DIY Tile Installation

Common Mistakes Installation
  • “Is the tool investment and cost worth it? –  Tile installation requires many unique tools, some expensive, for tile installation only that you may use once and never again.
  • Do you have the skills? – Different tile materials and sizes require many years of experience and knowledge to determine the correct installation techniques, layout, spacing, cutting, thin-set / mastic, grout, etc.
  • Is it worth the risk? – Ask yourself, is your time, the cost of the purchase of one time use tools and the cost of the materials with the high risk of a less than quality installation that will need to be removed and redone at cost greater than what a qualified tile contractor would have initially charged worth the effort and risk?”

Craig Thompson

Custom Surface Solutions

Make the best out of your project

Common Mistakes Planning

“Contact your local building inspector. This is an important step in making sure that the remodeling work you do meets code. If your diligent DIY work doesn’t meet building regulations, you will have decreased the value of your home rather than increasing it. Building inspectors are happy to offer advice and tips to help make your project go smoothly.”

Kevin Dean

Dean Cabinetry

Great tip on kitchen lighting

Common Mistakes Moving

“Proper kitchen lighting is vital to a functional workspace. Do you need dedicated lighting? Are the bulbs and fixtures easy to clean and replace? How much does it cost for replacements? Sometimes picking the most aesthetically pleasing light fixtures isn’t the best choice.”

Andrew Saladino 

Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Blog post originally from Nelson Cabinetry