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Author: Jenny Cazares

Where do I start in selecting what color countertops should i choose?

Choosing a countertop color can be daunting, especially when there are so many colors and varieties to choose from. 

Whether you have a full kitchen remodel, replacing your countertops or building new construction, you will find some helpful information in this blog to make the process easier. 

  • I recommend gathering some inspirational photos. Pinterest is a fantastic resource to search for a variety of kitchen designs. 
  • An interior designer will help you create a beautiful kitchen that is unique to your style; their service is very reasonable.
  • Design and architectural magazines will have the latest and greatest ideas for your new kitchen; see what designers are selecting.

How do I choose the right color granite or quartz?

Determine what your main countertop color will be in your new kitchen.

It doesn’t have to be one color, it could be two or three colors; pulling from your cabinets, flooring, wall, and backsplash.

How to choose countertops for cabinets with a light finish

If you are selecting a light-painted cabinet or light-stained wood, a darker granite or quartz might be a nice contrast.

Dark cabinets with a light granite countertop -Dean Cabinetry

How to choose countertops for cabinets with a dark finish

If you’re selecting a darker painted cabinet or darker stained wood, a lighter granite or quartz will make your cabinets really stand out.

Quartz Countertop made to look like marble -Dean Cabinetry

The contrasting granite or quartz to your cabinet color really makes your kitchen cabinets “pop.”

Should I choose a countertop to match my walls or backsplash?

Pull a color from your wall or backsplash and select a granite or quartz that has the same color within to complement it.

Have fun with it, it’s ok to mix different styles and patterns; the contrast adds depth, sophistication, and texture to your kitchen.

Beautifully matched backsplash & granite -Pinterest

Should I choose a countertop to match my flooring?

Whether you select wood, tile, or vinyl plank flooring, choose a color within your flooring and select a granite or quartz with accents of that color. These products usually have multiple color variations within.

Wood tile flooring with hints of gray-Pinterest

You can select a granite or quartz in a solid base color such as blacks, whites, beiges, and grays to match your floors or a light base such as white, gray & cream with colorful veining and details within, to bring out your floors.

Choosing a countertop to contrast my dark floors

Dark hardwood floors in a dark espresso are very popular and create a super sleek kitchen when paired with a white quartz countertops.

Dark floors with white quartz-Pinterest

Choosing a color countertop to contrast my light floors

Light floors will look beautiful with a dark gray or black granite or quartz countertop. This is a modern look and adds warmth to your space.

Modern Kitchen with light floors & charcoal granite – Pinterest

Should my granite or quartz match everything?

If pulled off correctly, this look can be stylish, timeless, and cohesive.

If you choose this option it’s best to keep it simple, this is a classic look and never goes out of style.

Matching granite with the same color throughout – Pinterest

Are there other ideas for granite and quartz countertops?

The Sterile look

This look is not for everyone, this kitchen design is all the same color; stark and white. It has a sharp and clean look, hence “sterile.”

The modern, sterile kitchen design – Pinterest

Blending granite and quartz together

Don’t feel restricted in designing your kitchen with the same color countertop, you can mix and match.

Your island countertop can be a contrasting stone & color from the rest of your layout. This look will showcase your island, while still drawing your eye to the rest of your kitchen

Black quartz countertops with a granite island -Pinterest

Things to Consider

Keep in mind the size of your kitchen space when it comes to what color countertops you choose; if you have a small space with limited windows and lighting, darker cabinets and countertops can make the space look much smaller and closed off.

I hope this has inspired you in creating a beautiful new kitchen. Start with your inspirational photos and have fun being creative. If you’re not a creative person, an interior designer can help to achieve your goal for your finished look!