Can You Change Your Kitchen Cabinet Plans After Placing an Order?

Jenny Cazarez| Dean Cabinetry

By: Jenny Cazares

What happens if I need to change my design plans after I finalize?

Sometimes a change might need to be made and Dean Cabinetry does their best to try to accommodate any changes.

Any changes would need to be communicated immediately to your designer; your designer must look into your project and determine if any changes can be made depending on which phase of production your project is in.

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Will I be charged for any changes after ordering?

Once the materials have been ordered for your project, there will likely be a cost associated with making a design change.  This is to cover the cost of materials and labor if necessary.

What would be a reason for making any changes?

There are many reasons you may make a mistake while remodeling. Here are a few common mistakes:

  • A change in an appliance
  • A structural change
  • A measurement changed
  • An unforeseen condition was discovered during demo

What if my contractor made a mistake with my plans?

Sometimes mistakes happen…we are all human! 

Dean Cabinetry works with our contractors; to ensure that all measurements are correct prior to ordering.

Dean Cabinetry sends the contractor/client the contract and “final” plans with all measurements to review before signing off for ordering and production.

Dean Cabinetry will do their best to work with the contractor and help remedy any mistake made.

Who is responsible for my contractor’s mistake on my plans?

If your contractor made a mistake and needs to change plans after the order has been placed, the contractor would be responsible for any additional cost.

If the homeowner makes a mistake or wants to change something after the order has been placed, the homeowner would be responsible for any cost.

What If Dean Cabinetry made a mistake and my plans changed?

If Dean Cabinetry has made a mistake in your plans we will 100% make it right!

The client would not be responsible for any cost in a change that was made by Dean Cabinetry.

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What is the goal for Dean Cabinetry?

Dean Cabinetry’s goal is to make the kitchen remodeling process for our clients and our contractors as smooth as possible.

If a change or mistake comes up, Dean Cabinetry will address it immediately; they will work with their partners to ensure that the client is happy with their new kitchen!