Cabinetry Cost and Pricing Guide

Kevin Dean | Kitchen Designer | Dean Cabinetry

By Kevin Dean

Updated July 17, 2023

Our goal with this article is to empower you with honest and reliable knowledge to understand the cost of your potential cabinetry renovation.

This cabinetry cost and pricing guide will explain the different options and services available for cabinetry to help you develop a budget and decide whether a cabinetry investment is right for you.

Costs of Cabinetry: A Couple of Things to Consider

  • The initial costs of cabinetry and their related services
  • The maintenance costs of cabinetry
  • Will a cabinetry investment provide a return on investment?

There are many costs associated with a cabinet remodel.  As a consumer, you should have a sense of what your project might cost.  For the most part, the costs of remodeling revolve around labor and materials.  Labor is usually the majority of the cost.

This is an extensive list of services and associated materials to show you all the possibilities.  Don’t worry, you will likely not need all of these services.

  • Architectural, Interior, and Kitchen Design
  • General Contracting
    • Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, and Other Supplies
  • Cabinetry
    • Manufacturing and Installation
  • Final Finishes
    • Countertops, Appliances, Fixtures, and Other Supplies

How Do You Choose a Service Provider for Cost?

When thinking about which service provider will be best for your budget, it is important to understand the types of companies.  There are two ways to go about your project. You can hire a project management company that handles everything, or you can pick and choose many specialized companies to complete your project.  Most importantly, when selecting services, ask yourself how involved do you want to be with your project? To clarify, the following definitions will help you answer this question.

Project Management Services:

A company will work with you and handle all of your needs.  You will write checks directly to them, and they will choose subcontractors to complete your project.  You will most likely not work with the subcontractors. The company may or may not be transparent about how much the different parts of your project will cost.  They will charge a markup for this management service. You will get a “Complete Package” from a single company.

À la Carte Services:

You will pick a few companies to work with.  They will work with you to complete their part of your project.  You will write checks to each company. Each company will give you an idea of how much their part costs.  You can choose between companies based on their reputation and pricing. A general contractor may be needed to help coordinate the different vendors.  You will get an “Individualized Package” from multiple companies.

How much do Architectural, Interior and Kitchen Design Services Cost?

These services include the overall design and function of your space.  They take many factors into consideration such as your existing space, your wants and needs, and your budget.  Pricing may be done on an hourly basis or on a percentage of project costs. This chart should help provide a basis for budgeting your project.

ServicePer ProjectHourly Rate
Architect10% of total cost$100-150 per hour
Kitchen or Interior Designer10% of total cost$50-200 per hour
General Contractor10-20% of total cost$50-100 per hour

Cabinetry and Final Finishes

Cabinetry and the Final Finishes are so varied in price, they cannot be explained within this chart.  There is a multitude of cabinetry providers and manufacturers. Therefore, the pricing is very competitive.  Cabinets can be mass-produced by large factories or custom-built in a woodworker’s garage. However, the main ingredient influencing the price is labor.  Changes in material prices affect most companies, so you can feel safe knowing that most companies will charge similarly for the construction materials. Because labor is such a large part of the cost, you can be confident that your purchase is supporting blue-collar workers.

What are the different cabinetry pricing levels and the differences between them?

There are three main levels of cabinetry.  In order of price, they are stock, semi-custom, and custom. Estimate the cost of your kitchen cabinetry project with our cabinet cost calculator.

Price$230 – $290 per LF$320 – $400 per LF$450+ per LF
QualityLow to Good Low to GreatGood to Great

The above chart contains price ranges that may not represent all cabinet pricing.  It assumes that you want the best product for your money, i.e. you would prefer custom to stock if it fits your budget.


This is mass-manufactured cabinetry also known as “box cabinetry”.  It is produced in standardized styles and colors. It is the least expensive option and the fastest.  The quality ranges from low to good. If your space and preferences could be described as standard, stock cabinetry may be a great fit for you.  Stock cabinetry can be purchased from $230 to $290 per linear foot.


This is mass-manufactured cabinetry that is made to order.  It has some standard styles and finishes, as well as the ability for some customization.  For example, a company might offer custom color options or minor modifications to cabinets.  The quality can range from low to great. If your space is somewhat standard, but you have some specific design wants, semi-custom cabinetry may be a great option for you.  Semi-custom cabinetry can be purchased from $320 to $400 per linear foot.


This is completely customizable cabinetry.  Every dimension, specification, color, and design element can be modified to your preference.  Some companies can do this on a large industrial scale, while others are small shops working on one project at a time.  The quality can range from good to great. If you have very specific tastes and a unique space, custom cabinetry could be a great fit for you.  Custom cabinetry can be purchased for $450+ per linear foot depending on design, details, and quality.

white kitchen island with 4 bar chairs
Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with John Dean Custom Cabinetry

What is a Linear Foot?

A linear foot is a length.  It does not include height or depth.  The total linear feet you need for your project will be the length of the space where you wish to put cabinetry.

How to Measure Linear Foot for Cabinetry?

Check out this measuring guide.

How do you Budget for Appliances, Fixtures, and Other Final Finishes?

When budgeting for your remodeling project, you cannot forget the final finishes.  These items such as appliances, fixtures, and others can add up fast. It is important to understand their costs so that they don’t sneak up on you.

Putting together a budget for the finishing touches is largely based on preference.  There is a tremendous cost range for these items. This chart describes the ranges available:

Standard Appliances:Refrigerator$900+

Slide in Range$650+



Countertops:Laminate$40 – 60 per square foot

Granite$40 – 60 per square foot

Solid Wood$60 – 80 per square foot

Quartz$55 – 75 per square foot

Marble$75 – $250 per square foot
Fixtures:Light$50 – 500+ each

Installation$150 – 200 per fixture
Knobs & Pulls:Knob$1.50 – $10+ each

Pull$3 – $20+ each

We recommend doing online research to help prepare your budget.  Appliances usually take up the majority of the cost, followed by countertops.

What are the maintenance costs of cabinetry?

Most of the costs associated with your remodel will be paid upfront.  Quality cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are designed to last for years.  If you invest in quality products and services, you can feel confident in your investment.  That being said, it is in your best interest to maintain your investment. So, the best way to do that is to keep your cabinetry and appliances clean.  This will allow them to operate in their original condition and deter them from breaking down. Check out this blog to learn more about maintaining and adjusting your cabinetry: What Can I Do to Make my Cabinets Last?

In terms of potential costs that may arise, outside of cleaning products, your largest potential expenses are repairs.  Keep in mind that if all goes well, you will not have any repairs to worry about. Check out this chart below to get a sense of what repairs might cost:

Refinishing$40 – 60 per hour
Cabinet Repair$30 – 60 per hour
Appliance Repair$50 – 120 per hour
Countertop Maintenance$15 – 50 per year
white kitchen cabinets with stainless appliances
Dean Cabinetry Kitchen with Fabuwood Stock Cabinets

What is the ROI of Cabinetry Remodeling?

There is no exact science to determining the ROI of a cabinetry remodeling investment.  If ROI is important to you, there are many factors to consider for your cabinetry renovation.

The main factor is depreciation.  Unfortunately, with most items, as soon as you buy them, they begin to depreciate.  For instance, whether it is a car, a computer, or your cabinets, they are subject to depreciation.  So because depreciation is so uniform and constant, it is extremely unlikely that you get a 100% return on your cabinetry investment.  Considering the other factors involved in ROI can help determine what return you do get.

To have a return on your investment, you would need to sell your home.  ROI can be very different if you plan to sell your home in the near term or in the long term.  Consider whether you plan to live in this home for 5 years or for 20 years. If the answer is 5 years, you can prepare to get a better return.  However, if the answer is 20 years, you will be less likely to see a large return.

ROI for 5 Years

If you are in the 5-year category, then you should consider the potential buyer of your home and what they might like.  If your cabinetry needs minor updates to make it more salable, this will be the best return on investment. Minor updates and upgrades to your cabinetry have shown ROI as strong as 80%. However, you may need major updates if your home is very out of date.

ROI for 20 Years

If you are in the 20-year category, this will be your home. You should consider your needs and wants.  A major renovation may be more appealing because you will be using and enjoying the space. Major updates have shown to have ROI of up to 60%.

Remember that each situation is different and ROI largely depends on the salability of your home.  To get the best ROI consider what is popular in the market. Understand that unique designs that you like may not be popular with a potential buyer.