The Benefits of Working
with a Local Cabinet Company
for Your Kitchen Renovation

With so many cabinet choices out there, including online options, you might be asking, “Should I go with a local cabinet supplier?” Working with a local cabinet company offers more than just quality products. We’re a small, family-owned business that values customer service.


Our aim is to make your kitchen renovation as smooth as possible, guiding you through our 6-step process. Our follow-up team ensures you’re happy with your kitchen, and because we’re local, we’re here to help if any cabinetry issues come up.

Expertise in Local Kitchen Trends

In our 25 years of working with Connecticut homeowners on their dream kitchens, we’ve encountered a wide variety of layouts, design styles, and storage solutions. Our extensive experience in custom kitchen projects has enabled us to recognize trends and common design preferences.


Our design team possesses a deep understanding of kitchen trends and knows what clients have adored or preferred to avoid in the past. They can assist not only in designing kitchen cabinets but also in shaping the overall flow, appearance, and ambiance of your kitchen.


As one recent Dean Cabinetry client wisely noted, “Listen to the suggestions and options that your designer provides. They’re professionals with your best interests at heart and want you to cherish your kitchen for years to come, whether it’s related to layout, design, spacing, inserts, or more.”

Personalized Service and Attention to Detail

Every kitchen project is unique, shaped by individual preferences and needs. Whether you come with a clear vision or need guidance, our design process caters to you. Your Dean Cabinetry kitchen designer will ask questions to offer tailored recommendations.


For instance, they’ll inquire about your favorite kitchen tools, which might lead to features like easy access to a KitchenAid mixer or organized spice storage. We offer stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinetry to match various budgets while delivering top-quality options.

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Quality Workmanship and Materials

It’s important to us that you love your kitchen for many years to come, which is why, as your Connecticut cabinet maker, we only use quality materials in our custom cabinetry and only provide quality stock and semi-custom cabinetry lines that we believe in.


The Dean Cabinetry team members building cabinetry in our Bolton, CT shop take great pride in their work.


Our cabinet installers do installs every day throughout CT, and have experience in a wide range of spaces, from brand new home builds, to homes over 100 years old with uneven surfaces. They ensure your new cabinetry is installed just right.

Timely Completion of the Project

Everyone on the Dean Cabinetry team works hard to ensure every project goes as smoothly as possible. We communicate often through out our efficient 6-step process.


Timelines can vary drastically from project to project depending on the speed at which decisions can be made and what other professionals are involved, like contractors, interior designers, etc. We communicate timelines in advance, so you know exactly what to expect and when.


If there are delays that are beyond our control, like material shortages, we will notify you and communicate frequently, so there are no surprises.


Because Dean Cabinetry is a lean company, we have a more efficient process and increased productivity that facilitates the timely completion of our projects.

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Dean Cabinetry Panda Stock Gray Framed Full Overlay Kitchen Cabinets Bar Floating Shelves

We offer competitive pricing that often beats big box stores. We provide three price points: custom, semi-custom, and stock cabinets, each with top-quality options.


Our transparent pricing and non-commission-based kitchen designers ensure there’s no pressure to upsell.


Your designer will collaborate with you to create a functional and stylish kitchen within your budget.

Local Community Support

We’re proud to be part of the Bolton, CT community. In our 25+ years, we’ve grown from a small family business to a team of 40+, creating jobs and supporting the local economy. Our employees are vital, and we foster a fun and unified culture.


Additionally, we donate used cabinets and building materials to the ReCONNstruction Center, a nonprofit.


They resell donated materials at lower costs, reducing waste and making essentials more affordable for those in need.

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The Dean Custom Cabinetry Difference

We’re not your average cabinet company. Our mission is to be an outstanding kitchen cabinet partner. We’ll lead you through your kitchen renovation project, offering top-quality cabinet choices for your budget and needs.


Our streamlined 6-step process ensures constant communication from discovery and design to installation and follow-up.


We have a wealth of resources to assist you on your kitchen renovation journey, and our clients’ reviews speak to their exceptional experiences with Dean Cabinetry.

Ready to Build Your Dream Kitchen?