Exploring the Top 8 Types of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors aren’t just practical; they also play a big role in how your kitchen or room looks and feels. They’re like the face of your cabinets, and the style you pick can really set the mood.


In this detailed article, we’ll explore different cabinet door styles. We’ll look at what makes each style unique and how it can fit into your home’s style and your personal taste. Whether you like a classic, modern, or something in between look, this guide will help you choose the right door style for your home.

kitchen with shaker cabinet doors

Shaker Cabinet Doors

The Shaker style is famous for its timeless simplicity, dating back to the 18th-century Shaker religious community. It’s all about clean lines and straightforward design, making it a great choice for both modern and traditional kitchens.


Shaker cabinet doors, with their flat panels and framed edges, can easily fit into various kitchen styles, whether it’s a classic or contemporary look you’re after. You can use different finishes and hardware to match farmhouse, coastal, industrial, or transitional aesthetics.


While many love their simple charm, some folks might prefer a more ornate style for a more striking appearance. Shaker cabinet doors act like a blank canvas for personalization. You can show your style by choosing colors, hardware, and accessories that suit your taste.

Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel cabinet doors have a modern and sleek look, which is great for giving your kitchen a contemporary feel. They have clean lines and smooth surfaces that create a polished atmosphere. You can find flat panel doors in different styles, like recessed or raised panels, each offering a unique look while keeping things modern.


When you use flat panel doors, your kitchen can look clean and spacious. If you add refrigerator cabinet panels with flat panel doors, it all looks connected and neat, blending appliances into the design. These doors work well with various modern styles, whether you prefer an urban chic or a Scandinavian minimalistic look. They are versatile. Plus, they’re easy to clean, so keeping them nice is simple.


However, it’s crucial to balance the simplicity of flat panel doors with other things in your kitchen, like handles, textures, and other design elements. When you add refrigerator panels, flat panel cabinet doors can help create a modern and functional kitchen that stays timeless and elegant.

white flat panel cabinets
slab cabinet doors

Slab Cabinets

Slab cabinet doors are the simplest type of flat-panel cabinets. They give your kitchen a clean and sleek look because they’re flat with no fancy designs. They work well in all kinds of kitchen styles, from super modern to in-between styles, and they always look stylish.


These doors are all about simple lines and smooth surfaces, which help your kitchen look tidy and open. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of various types of hardwood, laminate, or something else; slab doors fit in with modern and minimalist interior designs. Their simplicity lets other parts of your kitchen, like handles, counters, and backsplashes, stand out and look great.


The simplicity of slab cabinet doors highlights the beauty of clean lines and smooth surfaces, making them an ideal choice for achieving a clutter-free and open concept in a kitchen. Whether crafted from wood, laminate, or other materials, slab doors complement modern and minimalist interior themes. The lack of visual distractions allows other design elements, such as hardware, countertops, backsplashes, and other design elements to shine. 

Raised Panel

Raised panel cabinet doors are a classic option in kitchen design because they always look elegant. These doors have a center panel that sticks out from the frame around it, adding a 3D effect to the cabinets. Raised panel doors often have different patterns and fancy details, making them perfect for traditional and formal kitchen styles.


The detailed design of these doors gives your kitchen a refined look, fitting right into kitchens that want a more classic or rustic style. In a nutshell, raised panel doors give your kitchen a timeless and charming appearance.

green raised panel kitchen cabinets
glass cabinet doors with lighting

Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors bring a unique touch to kitchen design with clear, frosted, or textured glass options. These glass types can make your kitchen cabinets look more appealing, creating a light and open vibe.


Clear glass doors are perfect for showing off your favorite dishes, adding a personal touch to your kitchen. On the other hand, frosted or textured glass adds a subtle elegance by diffusing light while keeping some privacy. Glass doors can be used alongside other cabinet types, adding versatility to your kitchen’s style.


Glass cabinets let you display your cherished chinaware or decorations, and they can make your kitchen seem bigger. However, you need to be careful about how you organize the stuff inside because everything is visible. Glass doors also need regular cleaning to stay looking clear and clean.

Inset Cabinets

Inset kitchen cabinets are all about fitting perfectly inside the cabinet frame, giving your kitchen a polished and timeless look. Making inset doors is a precise craft where the door is set flush into the cabinet opening, creating a neat and smooth appearance. This classic style works in various kitchen designs, from traditional to transitional and even modern ones.


The meticulous fit of inset doors not only highlights the skilled craftsmanship that goes into creating custom kitchen cabinets but also ensures their durability over the years. The flush fit of the doors prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, which makes them a breeze to maintain.


However, it’s essential to consider a couple of factors, such as the higher cost associated with this intricate process. Additionally, the precision required for inset doors may limit some design options, but they do maintain their timeless and elegant appearance.

inset custom cabinetry
beaded cabinet doors

Beaded Cabinets

Beaded cabinetry has a special touch: a decorative bead or small molding on the cabinet frame and door panel edges. This bead adds some texture and dimension to the cabinet doors, making them more interesting to look at. It usually has a traditional, classic, or even rustic appearance because of the added molding, giving it a sense of old-time craftsmanship and history. Beaded doors make the cabinet craftsmanship stand out in the kitchen, and they’re a common pick for traditional and transitional style kitchens.

Accent Doors

Accent cabinet doors can really catch your eye in the kitchen. If you want a farmhouse vibe, try using a wire mesh panel to add some texture. To balance it out, mix in flat panel doors for a different look.


You can also get that rustic farm style with crossbuck cabinet doors. These bring a traditional farm feel into your kitchen. Whether you choose wood-stained or painted cabinets, they’ll help balance out this accent style.


Louvered cabinet doors are good for letting in air and controlling light. They have a unique design that adds depth and makes the room more interesting. But keep in mind, they need regular cleaning to prevent dust from building up between the slats.


These cabinets offer a nice option for kitchens that want something different, but you need to think about both their looks and practicality.

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FAQs About Cabinet Doors

Some of the most popular types of cabinet doors include Shaker style doors, admired for their versatile simplicity; flat panel doors, known for their modern minimalism; raised panel doors, offering traditional elegance; inset doors, representing precision and refinement; glass doors, adding sophistication and display options; accent doors, creating a desired aesthetic statement or style; and slab doors, embodying sleek and contemporary aesthetics. As a custom cabinet maker in Connecticut, our showroom is easily accessible for you to stop in and see the different door types in person.

Cabinet openings come in various styles, each contributing to the overall look and functionality of the cabinets. These include full overlay, where doors cover the frame entirely; partial overlay, which leaves some of the frame exposed; inset, with doors flush within the frame; frameless, where there’s no front face frame; beaded inset, adding a molding detail to inset cabinets; and open shelving, offering accessible storage without doors. Each style presents a unique blend of aesthetics and practicality, allowing homeowners to tailor their cabinet choice to their design preferences and organizational needs.

Among various door types, inset doors are often considered one of the most durable options because they are crafted to fit precisely within the cabinet frame, and this meticulous construction contributes to their durability. The door’s flush alignment with the frame minimizes the potential for wear and tear caused by constant opening and closing. Additionally, inset doors are less likely to shift over time due to their precise fit, which can enhance their longevity.

It’s important to note that the durability of cabinet doors also depends upon the quality of materials used, the craftsmanship of the construction, and proper maintenance. While inset doors are known for their durability, other types of well-made cabinet doors can also offer excellent longevity when cared for appropriately. When selecting cabinet doors, considering both the material and construction methods can help ensure you choose a style that meets your desired level of durability and fits your overall design preferences.

Yes! You can absolutely mix various cabinet door styles in the same kitchen. You will notice many of our past kitchen projects feature multiple door types like flat panel with glass door uppers.  Combining different styles can add depth and visual intrigue. To achieve the best result, ensure a consistent element such as color or hardware, maintain a balanced distribution, and choose styles that complement each other. Working with a Dean Cabinetry kitchen designer can also be valuable in creating a cohesive and personalized kitchen design.

Certainly, when choosing glass cabinet doors, there are a few factors to consider. Think about what you’ll showcase inside—opt for appealing and well-organized items. Select a glass style that aligns with your kitchen’s aesthetic, balancing clarity with privacy. Keep in mind the light that will filter through and prepare for regular maintenance to keep the glass clean. Choose hardware that complements the glass and ensure the colors inside the cabinets match your kitchen’s palette. Integrate glass doors thoughtfully with other cabinet styles, mindful of budget and functionality.

Shaker cabinet doors work beautifully with a variety of popular finishes. Whether in classic white or bold colors, the paint finishes enhance the clean lines. Stained wood finishes, from warm oak to rich walnut, showcase wood grain. Glazed finishes offer depth, while two-tone options create striking contrasts. Distressed finishes add vintage charm, matte finishes provide subtlety, and high-gloss finishes bring modernity. Working with a Dean Cabinetry kitchen designer can help you choose the best finishes for your Shaker doors to match your desired kitchen ambiance, whether traditional or contemporary.