Complete Guide: What to Expect with Cabinet Installation Process

 Kevin Dean | Budget & Design Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Kevin Dean

Thank you for taking the time to review our install guide. We promise it will be quick. Five minutes at the most.

Installation is your 5th stage with Dean Cabinetry and there are 4 steps:

  • 5.1 : Waiting
  • 5.2 : Scheduling
  • 5.3 : Completion items
  • 5.4 : Follow Up
kitchen cabinets during installation

5.1 : Waiting

Once you sign your plans, we will introduce you to an install manager. You will need to read this article. Next we’ll schedule a phone call to review the process, answer questions, and discuss timeline.

We will send you a copy of the final contract and the final plans. Our team will be working off of these documents. Please notify us of any install requests. Our team will use their professional discretion for any items that are not noted. We will charge for change orders on a time and materials basis.

5.2 : Scheduling

Following our call, we will offer delivery and installation dates through email. It’s great to keep a paper trail so please confirm the dates through email.

These are some reminders to consider as we approach installation:

  • Please tell us if you need to adjust the schedule. We have bookings 3-4 weeks in advance.
  • We recommend installing after the floors are complete and before the final coat of paint.
  • The appliances can not be in the space during install.
  • Please have your knobs and pulls onsite.
  • The final balance is due before delivery.


We will deliver your cabinets on a Thursday or Friday and install the following Monday. Our delivery team will call ahead. They will need to place the cabinets into the space. Not in an adjacent room or garage. Our team will protect your floors with moving blankets.

Your install manager will contact you before the delivery. They will introduce your installer(s) and answer any questions.


Our installers are your onsite cabinet partners. They are subcontractors we use on a regular basis. They will arrive between 8 and 9 am and leave between 4 and 5 pm. We ask that they are the only workers in the space during install.

Please plan to meet with the installer on the last day (Tuesday or Wednesday). The installers will:

  • Introduce you to the cabinets.
  • Install the knobs and pulls to your preference.
  • Review each cabinet and create a completion list if necessary.
  • Ask for your signature.

We guarantee that you are ready for countertops and appliances. This will allow your project to keep moving forward. We will return after the countertops and appliances are installed (typically 2-4 weeks).

dean cabinetry installer

5.3 : Completion items

A completion list is a list of outstanding items. There might be collaboration with other contractors. There may also be site conditions, quality control issues, or material shortages. The goal is no open items.

Within a few days, your install manager will contact you. We will ask you to confirm the list before we order any items and/or schedule the completion visit. Even if there are no open items we always come back for final touch ups and adjustments. We do them after the countertops and appliances are installed.

We recommend that you move into your cabinets as soon as possible. This will allow settling to occur and reveal remaining touch ups. Moving in is also the best way to do a thorough inspection. If you notice anything, please let your install manager know.

The installer will ask for your signature when the open items are complete.

Our installation service includes 2 completion visits. We work hard to complete your project within one visit. If necessary, we will return for a second. Dean Cabinetry will charge $125 for visits beyond the second. Extra visits may be charged for:

  • Knobs and pulls not onsite.
  • Flooring not ready for toe kick and/or baseboard installation.
  • Appliances not installed before completion visits.
  • Touch ups for damage caused by other contractors.
  • Defects not discovered within the first 2 visits.

Step 4: Follow Up

Congratulations! Your cabinetry installation is complete! Your install manager will reach out and ask for feedback on your install experience. Your project will move onto the Follow up stage . Our team will reach out for a more in depth opinion of your experience with Dean Cabinetry.

We may visit you, take photos, and/or ask you to share about your experience with our team.

cabinets being installed


Is Dean Cabinetry’s install service warrantied?

Yes! Please check out this link for all warranty related info.

When should the appliances be delivered?

Appliances should be delivered after the cabinet install. Appliances may be delivered to the site if kept out of the cabinet installation area. Appliances should be installed after the cabinetry.  This will allow the cabinet installers to level the cabinets.  Then the appliances can be installed and leveled to fit inside the cabinetry.

Who installs the appliances?

We do not install or move appliances in your home. Your appliance provider should provide installation options.

Our installers will prepare the appliance openings to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Our installers will tape print outs of the appliance manufacturer’s specification sheet inside of the appliance openings.

*Appliance panel attachment is not included with install. Install of knobs/pulls to the panels is included*

*Please note that your project has integrated appliance panels.  DC will attach your hardware (knobs/pulls) onto the panels. DC does not attach appliance panels. Installing the panels must coordinate with connecting mechanicals, leveling, and securing the appliance.  DC recommends hiring a professional appliance installer. Your appliance provider should offer this service.*

When should I schedule my countertop template and installation?

Your countertop template should be scheduled for immediately after the cabinet install.

*This is a general rule and does not apply to all situations.*

Countertop install should occur before the completion visit.

What should I look out for with my countertop template and install?

We recommend that you are onsite for the template. The technicians will have questions for you about the layout of your countertop.  Once the stone is cut, it is very difficult to change.

Most countertop companies prefer your appliances be installed before the countertop template.  This is most important for slide in ranges and farm sinks.

*Dean Cabinetry will fit and place your farm sink as long as the sink is onsite during the install. The farm sink will be loose and secured by the plumbing and countertop*

What does Dean Cabinetry take responsibility for?

When we install your cabinets, we take full responsibility for all cabinet details on the signed plans. The following is a list of what we are not responsible for:

  • Any appliance defects caused during cabinet installation.  The appliances should not be in the space during cabinet installation.
  • Scuff marks made in the drywall and paint. We try to avoid these marks. But, they are often unavoidable. You should expect them during installation.
  • Dean Cabinetry installers will protect your floors with moving blankets.  Scratches to the floor are rare but may be unavoidable.  If your floor is scratched we will take reasonable measures to touch up the scratches. We cannot take responsibility beyond touch ups, including financial responsibility. We recommend protecting your floors with heavy duty floor protection paper.
  • Providing knobs and pulls, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 
  • Appliance panel attachment, unless otherwise specified in the contract. 
  • Template and installation of countertops. 
  • Plumbing and/or electrical disconnect and reconnect.
  • Asbestos and/or lead identification and/or removal/disposal.
  • Backsplash removal, spackling, sheetrock work, painting and touch ups (other than for cabinets).

When is my cabinetry installation complete?

Once the open items have been resolved.

Please keep in mind that we are more than happy to come out to do maintenance, adjustments, or touch ups for you. It is in our interest to keep your kitchen looking great for years. So, please call for adjustments.

What about demolition?

Demolition is typically managed by the homeowner or contractor.  Dean Cabinetry offers demolition services. The client or contractor is responsible for other prep work needed before install.