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By Kevin Dean

Cabinetry Hardware Display

There are tremendous amounts of parts that make up cabinetry. Cabinet parts include doors, drawers, frames, screws, knobs, pulls, and the list goes on.  You might be looking for just one piece to repair your kitchen or a few to make some updates, so we want to share our pricing to help our customers prepare and budget for whatever project they are tackling next.

In this article, we will go over general pricing for cabinet parts:

  • Doors and Drawer Fronts
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Detailing
A Quick Note About Ordering Cabinetry Parts

First, please acknowledge that providing parts and pieces is a troublesome aspect of our business.  We are more than happy to help in any way we can with these smaller pieces. However, we cannot offer the full service and attention to detail that comes with a complete kitchen.  When providing parts and pieces we act as a materials supplier. We do not provide design services with these items. Determining the details, dimensions, and specifications, is the responsibility of the client.

Additionally, please keep in mind that all of these numbers are strictly budget numbers and do not reflect an actual quote from Dean Cabinetry.  These numbers are based on standard sizes. Larger or smaller sizes and multiple quantities will influence the price. To receive a quote, please submit a detailed order, examples are below.

Doors and Drawer Fronts

John Dean Custom Cabinetry Sample Doors

We are often asked by clients how much it costs to replace the doors and drawer fronts of their cabinetry.  This is a difficult question to answer as the price varies with the size, style, and finish of the door or front.  Therefore, if you can provide us with specific dimensions we would be happy to provide an exact quote. To get started check out this chart:

Finished Price:Unfinished Price:
Door$150 – $250 each, w/ hinge holes$80 – $150 each,  w/ hinge holes
Drawer Front$100 – $150 each$50 – $100 each
Dishwasher Panel$400 – $600 each$300 – $500 each
Remove center panel and add glass to a door1st door $200, each additional door is $100
Cabinet Hinge Types

Again, pricing is for individual pieces.  Pricing will vary for non standard sizes. We are able to provide discounts for multiple quantities.  If you are interested in doors and drawer fronts for your entire kitchen we can offer larger discounts.


Similarly, other times clients are just looking for a replacement hinge or drawer slide.  We are happy to provide these parts and pieces to clients. We ask that clients provide the details and specifications for the hardware.  This chart represents an estimate of pricing for many types of hardware:

Drawer Slides$40 each set
Hinges$10 each set
Dovetail Drawer Box$100 – $150 each
Knob$1.50 – $10+ each
Pull$3 – $20+ each


We are happy to help with the installation process as well.  We will schedule these types of installations in between our complete kitchen renovations.  This chart shows the pricing we offer for small installations of doors, drawers, and hardware, typically less than 4 hours.  Discounts are available on larger projects, greater than 4 hours.

Small Installation,
< 4 hours
Less than 15 miles$125 for first hour +$80.00 per additional hour + materials
Greater than 15 miles$150 for first hour +$80.00 per additional hour + materials

When ordering a custom part from Dean Cabinetry we ask for 100% of the payment up front.  We do not accept returns on custom items.


When ordering a custom part from Dean Cabinetry we ask that the client provide all the necessary details to place the order.  This includes all necessary dimensions, color choices, and other specifications. We also ask for pictures of the existing cabinetry or the parts in need of replacement.  This will help answer any questions we may have when ordering. Please see the examples below of specifications necessary for various parts orders.

Example 1: Two Doors with Glass and Mullions

This client wanted to add mullions and glass to two existing cabinet doors.  Because we cannot add mullions to an existing door we chose to order two new ones.  The client provided the following information:

We charged $600 for the doors, glass, and the glass retaining hardware.  We were unable to duplicate the same knife style hinge holes for the client, so we offered cup holes and cup hinges at no additional charge.

Example 2: New Doors

This client wanted new doors and drawer fronts for all of their kitchen cabinets.  So They provided dimensions of all the doors as well as photos of the door style and hinges.

Door Dimensions & Photos from the Client

We took these dimensions and photos and put together this list of doors.

Doors List Created by Dean Cabinetry

The client approved the list of doors, panels, and drawer fronts.  After that, we built the doors and installed them for the client. We charged $4500 for the 36 custom doors, panels, and drawer fronts and the necessary hinges.  And we charged the client $640 for 8 hours of installation.

If you are interested in purchasing doors, drawers, or other hardware from Dean Cabinetry, please email a complete list of details to hello@deancabinetry.  A complete list of details should include:

  • Photos of the space
  • Photos of the desired materials
  • All appropriate measurements and specifications.

Please submit more information than you think necessary.  

In conclusion, Dean Cabinetry is happy to help with these types of orders, but we unfortunately cannot offer extensive design services in these situations.  First, it is the responsibility of the client to provide all necessary information. If the information is inadequate, Dean Cabinetry will notify the client and request additional information.  Second, Dean Cabinetry will budget your order. If you are comfortable with the budget we will create a detailed order list and an exact quote.  You will be required to sign off on the order and pay the full amount due. Lastly, Dean Cabinetry will execute the order.