Kevin Dean | Kitchen Designer | Dean Cabinetry
By Kevin Dean
A display of doors in our showroom

When you undertake a cabinetry project, you will certainly come across the decision of door style.  We’re writing this blog to empower you to make an informed selection. We will explain the different options and characteristics of each style.

Slab drawer fronts, raised panel doors with a standard bead

What is a door style?

The most visible part of cabinetry is your doors and drawers.  These cover all the openings and act as the face of your cabinetry.  These doors and drawer fronts come in many styles.

Making your door style selection is a large decision that will impact following decisions, so you should consider your preferences early on. Door style can also have a slight impact on the project budget.

Where do I start when choosing a door style?

When you are considering door style options, a great place to start is with inspiration photos.  If you find something that you are drawn to, your cabinetry provider can likely match the door style.

If you have trouble visualizing your preferred door style, stop by a cabinetry showroom.  You can schedule an appointment with us, or walk in anytime.

Where do I look for inspiration photos?

If you are searching the web for door style options, check out our searchable photo gallery.  There are many colors and styles to look through.

A well-known door supplier is Conestoga Wood Specialties.  They are industry leaders and sell all the modern styles. Conestoga supplies many of the industry’s best cabinet makers.

The Most popular styles