Blind Corner Pull Outs: What Are They and Are They Worth the Investment?

Brooke Nero | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry

By Brooke Nero

Blind corner pull outs were designed to make it easy to access items that are tucked away in a corner cabinet space that is difficult to access. You may have seen these pullouts in various styles.

No doubt you have seen these blind corner pull outs all over Pinterest! They look really cool, but are they worth it?

corner kitchen cabinet
Blind Corner Inserts – Pinterest

What are the pros to blind corner pull outs?

  1. There’s no getting down on your knees
  2. Items on the pullouts stay organized
  3. They hold a special allure for clients designing their new kitchen

Let’s face it, in this day and age we are looking for convenience. With these pull outs, all you need to do is open the door, pull the insert out and viola! 

These interestingly shaped shelves swing out of the cabinet interior, giving you easy access to your items.

What are the cons to blind corner accessories?

Blind corner accessories do not utilize the entire cabinet space. If you are looking to maximize your storage this may not be the way to go. These inserts leave a significant amount of unused space; space that becomes inaccessible.

corner cabinet
blind corner cabinet
The ugly truth on Blind Corners … view from above before countertops are installed

This kidney bean shape accessory limits your ability to utilize the entire space. With this unit, you get about 13” across at the widest part and it tapers into about 7” in the middle. As you can see, you have a lot of wasted space that could be otherwise utilized.

corner cabinet pull out
corner kitchen cabinets
Blind Corner Insert – Pinterest

I want to maximize storage, what is an alternative option in my blind corner?

A less sexy alternative is to have shelves in a blind corner. In the space that is tucked away in the corner, you can put items that you do not use often. 

You may have to reach in and move things around, when needed, but consider the amount of storage space you’ll have. Perhaps your large lobster pots, seasonal serving trays, extra paper towel rolls, etc. can go in this space. 

corner cabinet
Blind corner cabinet

So the question still remains, are blind corner pull outs worth it? 

Most cabinet partners will offer these accessories as an option. At Dean Cabinetry, when we are designing a kitchen with a client we want to educate them on the pros and cons of every cabinet choice before they make their final decision. 

Whether you choose a blind corner pull out or decide to go with shelves, it comes down to personal preference. The question you can ask yourself is, “am I  looking for convenience or do I want to maximize storage space”?