Welcome to Dean Cabinetry

We are a family-owned custom cabinetry maker located in Bolton, Connecticut. Whether you’re remodeling your existing kitchen or building a new construction home, we are your kitchen cabinet partners from start to finish. Along our 25+ year journey in the industry, we have crafted a 6-step process that aims to provide a great experience. Creating and bringing to life a new kitchen is a lot of work but a rewarding experience with the right partner. Our team of designers specialize in finding the best cabinet solution for your new kitchen. From our stock and semi-custom cabinetry brands like Fabuwood, FGM, St. Martin, Showplace and more, to Dean Custom Cabinets, we are confident that we can design a high quality, functional kitchen at a competitive price. So, how do you begin? It all starts with a 15 minute Discovery Phone Call, and you’re on your way to the kitchen of your dreams! Schedule a time that works best for you in our portal below.

Schedule an appointment in our booking portal below to speak with a member of our Discovery team.  Here we will gather some initial information about your project.  We will help you consider your options and begin to assemble a list of your wants and needs.  We call this “Discovery” because we are working together to understand your project. Following our Discovery meeting, if you are interested in proceeding with Dean Cabinetry, we will pair you with one of our specialized designers who will work with you during the budget phase.

Check out our full 6-step guide here to see more about the Discovery phase.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to understand the basics of your kitchen project, we want to work on determining your budget. This stage of our process isn’t about nailing down the exact cost and design of your kitchen, it is more about providing you with options and explaining what the value of each option is. 

To start, your designer will prepare and email you multiple budget options along with some proposed meeting times.  Typically, we budget each project with an option for each cabinetry level; stock, semi-custom and fully custom. These cabinetry levels are more determined on finish, style, and size attributes rather than quality. We work with only the best stock cabinetry manufacturers.

Once you review the budget options and ask questions about each, our designer will have a better idea on how to start crafting your new kitchen design.

Check out our full 6-step guide here to see more about the Budget phase.

Design is where we dive into the finite details of your project.  Your designer will review your layout in detail to answer questions like; Does anything need to be moved to improve movement and functionality in your kitchen?  Do you prefer drawers or rollouts?  Do you need any cabinet accessories? Will your island be a different finish than the rest of your cabinetry? 

There will be phone calls, emails, and meetings.  You will work with your designer to turn your vision into a reality.

This is also where other designers, contractors, and service providers may get involved so that we can plan your project thoroughly.

Check out our full 6-step guide here to see more about the Design phase.

The ordering phase of our process is when your cabinetry gets made, either in-house for custom cabinetry pieces, or by our trusted stock & semi-custom suppliers. We go through each cabinet, double-checking the measurements, as well as making notes and specifications for the provider.  For our custom cabinetry, we specify the exact details of your project so that our shop can build exactly what you’ve ordered.

Lead times for cabinetry can vary. Your lead time will likely begin when you place your deposit.  Stock cabinetry can be delivered the fastest, sometimes in as short as 4 weeks, and as long as 6 weeks. Semi-custom cabinetry can be 6 to 10 weeks. Custom cabinetry is usually 10 to 12 weeks.

During this lead time is the opportunity for you or your contractor to make other modifications to the space such as plumbing, electrical, flooring, framing etc. 

Check out our full 6-step guide here to see more about the Ordering phase.

The most exciting and fulfilling part, installation!

When your cabinetry is ordered, you will receive an email from your designer introducing you to our scheduling coordinator.  The scheduling coordinator will be organizing the installation and completion of your project.

We will put a tentative installation date on the calendar depending on your cabinet and project timeline.  This date can remain flexible to accommodate any contractor work that is happening during the ordering stage.

Check out our full 6-step guide here to see more about the Installation phase.

A member of our follow-up team will reach out to you to congratulate you on your project completion.  We will ask if we can come for a visit.  If you are willing, we will set a date, and meet at your newly completed project location.

With your permission, we’d love to take photos of your new kitchen to add to our website and our social media platforms to help future clients see what is possible for their kitchen.  We may also use your review to help clients understand the products and services they can expect by choosing Dean Cabinetry.