Jenny Cazares | Discovery Team | Dean Cabinetry
By Jenny Cazares

What should I consider, when planning for my new kitchen?

At Dean Cabinetry, we feel there are 5 key items to consider when planning your new kitchen. 

  1. Budget
  2. Timeline
  3. Contractor (if needed)
  4. Layout and Design
  5. Appliances

These essential elements will help you and your cabinet partner in planning, executing, and ensuring your dream kitchen will stay on schedule and go as smoothly as possible.

Is budget planning my new kitchen important?

Yes! Your budget is one of the most important areas to consider. 

You will need to use your overall budget to determine how much you want to allot to each part of your project: cabinetry, countertops, appliances, flooring, painting, plumbing, electrical, etc. 

With proper research and planning, you will be able to determine items that fit within your overall budget. 

  • Be realistic with your budget 
    • If you have “champagne taste on a beer budget” this could make the process more trying for you. Do your research and compare costs for each piece of your project. 
    • Remember, even if you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. There are many cabinet providers that deliver high quality, beautiful stock cabinetry at an affordable cost.

Why is my timeline important?

Your timeline is very important for placing your cabinet order. We want to deliver and install your cabinets when you are ready for them. 

Any delays with your cabinet order may affect your cabinet installation, which may then affect the installation of your countertops, appliances, sink, plumbing, etc. The timeline of completing all of these items will affect how long you are without a working kitchen. 

In order to meet your timeline, you’ll need to keep in mind that when ordering cabinets, nothing moves forward until you have signed off on your final plans and paid the deposit

If you are building a new construction home, your builder may have a specific timeline. You will want to know when they need cabinets delivered, and installed, in order to stay on schedule. 

If you are purchasing new appliances (especially with new construction), timing is very important. Delays in appliance delivery and installation could cost you time and money. It is possible there could be delays in getting your C.O. if your appliances are not on site and installed (Certificate of Occupancy)

Do I need a contractor?

Determining whether or not you need a contractor is essential. If you’re savvy working with your hands and are able to do the work yourself, that’s great. If you aren’t, you will need to find a contractor. Depending on the scope of your project you might need demo, new flooring, electrical, plumbing, etc.

If you need a contractor, it is important to find an available, qualified contractor.  

It is important to read company reviews for contractors (and cabinet providers), prior to choosing who will be the best partners for your project.

Why might it be necessary to have a contractor when I am determining the layout of my new kitchen?

If you are making any changes to your layout such as removing walls, changing doors or windows, or changing any openings, the measurements for your space could change. 

This may affect your cabinet budget. 

Your kitchen designer will need an initial layout from you, or your contractor, in order to budget your project. This is to ensure your designer provides you with a cabinet budget that is accurate. 

Why is my kitchen layout and design essential?

If you will be changing the footprint of your existing kitchen, it is important to know this at the beginning of your renovation. Sometimes your contractor may determine your new layout. Your designer (either cabinet designer or interior designer) can also help you with your new layout. Sometimes, your contractor and designer may collaborate together to determine your new layout. 

  • Layout determined by Contractor or Interior Designer
    • If you are consulting with a contractor or interior designer, they may create a preliminary (or final) layout with measurements. This will help your cabinet provider to provide the most accurate budget. 
    • Some contractors would prefer that your cabinet partner design your new layout. 
  • What if I don’t have a contractor or interior designer to create my layout?
    • If you do not have a contractor, or an interior designer to create a layout for you, your cabinet partner will be happy to help you. 
    • It’s a good idea to gather inspirational photos, and to communicate with your designer what you are looking to achieve with your new kitchen. 

It’s important to understand the difference between layout and design. Layout should be determined before you move into the design stage of your project.  

The quicker you have your design finalized, the sooner your cabinets can be ordered. 

Is it essential to determine my new appliances?

If you are planning on replacing your appliances, you should start shopping for them in the beginning stages of your planning.   

It is essential for your cabinet designer to have your appliance model numbers before ordering your cabinets. Your designer will need to make sure that all of your appliances fit in their spaces and/or cabinetry. 

We are hearing about extended lead times on many appliances. Some clients will purchase their appliances in advance and store them themselves. It would be disheartening to have your beautiful new kitchen installed, and you can’t use it because you’re waiting on appliances to be delivered.

Why do we feel these are the 5 essential items to consider when planning your kitchen?

By now, you can begin to understand the importance of completing these five items at the beginning of your kitchen project. Doing so will help ensure everything will move forward smoothly and in a timely manner.

  1. Budget planning your new kitchen
  2. Determine your timeline
  3. Coordinate with a contractor (if needed)
  4. Determine your layout and design
  5. Order your appliances

There are many other details that are also important to the success of your kitchen project. These five, though, are essential to complete first.  

When you are ready to start your remodel, read this survival guide for proper planning for your kitchen remodel. It will help to keep stress at a minimum, while you wait for the kitchen of your dreams!